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May 18, 2012

A peek to Tam-awan Village

A peek to Tam-awan Village Benguet

     A 20 minute drive from Baguio City proper, lies the Tam-awan village in Pinsao where Ifugao  Nipa huts are built on a mountain for tourist attraction.  

Facade of Tam-awan Village Benguet

Ticket booth of Tam-awan Village at the main entrance

     Main Entrance to the Village, a minimal fee of Php50.00 for adult, Php20.00 kids below 12 years old, Php30.00 for students.  From here, be ready for the numerous steps going to their attractions..

Signage inside Tam-awan Village leading to Garden in the Sky


Nipa huts with bamboo bridge inside Tam-awan Village

A glimpse of Nipa huts on the first landing stop 

Over looking small pond under the bamboo bridge inside Tam-awan Village.

My picture on the bamboo bridge at Tam-awan Village

Narrow trails inside Tam-awan Village

One of the Nipa huts inside Tam-awan Village that can be rented for over night.

More bamboo bridge with greenery all around at Tam-awan Village

A peek to Tam-awan Village






Strawberry flavored Taho at Tam-awan Village

       While resting we refreshed ourselves with strawberry flavored taho (pudding)

Ethnic costumes can be use for photo shoot at Tam-awan Village




Things to remember:

Wear comfortable shoes which are best for hiking or any shoes that is not slippery because some paths are steep and moist, especially if you're near the top of the mountain.

Apply anti-insect or anti-mosquito lotion to prevent your skin from bites.   

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