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May 20, 2012

Zoobic Safari Adventure

Zoobic Safari, Subic, Philippines

Bengal tiger at Zoobic Safari adventure ride

    A close encounter with the hungry ferocious tigers is the main event of our tour in Zoobic.  In the middle of the tour, you will be given a chance to get near them.  To get inside their habitat, we had to ride in an enclosed jeep, with customized steel matting windows on both sides and on top.  Since we are seeking for an adventure we opted to bring a piece of meat to lure the tigers to come near our vehicle, you also have a choice if you just want to see them in their habitat or a real adventure by enticing them with a piece of meat so they will come near you. 

     And so here’s the thrill, when we came near the tigers, our tourist brought out the piece of meat showing it to the two tigers who were just lying quietly as if they were tamed animals, but as soon as the two tigers saw the meat, they immediately approach us running while our vehicle is also running at a slow pace.  The vehicle stopped, the two tigers are now near us. The first tiger is at the right side window devouring the piece of meat our tour guide brought out and the other tiger on top of our jeep roaring vehemently on us people inside the vehicle.

     I think I lost my heart out for about 15 to 20 minutes in this experience.  But over-all, it was fun and exciting!

Bengal tiger eating chicken flesh at Zoobic Safari Adventure

     There are also other animals here roaming around, they love socializing with people and also, they love to show-off in front of a camera!


Goat at Zoobic Safari Adventure



      Rare bird species




  The hamster after taking a bath and had it's hair blown dry liked being cuddled.






Stuffed Siberian Bengal tiger at Zoobic Safari Adventure

Crocodiles at Zoobic Safari Adventure

White carabao at Zoobic Safari Adventure

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