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October 11, 2012

The wonderful world of Disney in Hongkong

Disneyland is the magical place on earth, which is loved by adults and kids
 This is the first time that all of us including my family and kids traveled outside of the country, we chose Hong Kong as our first out-of-the-country because it's the nearest country from the Philippines and considering we have kids with us, 12 years old and 2 year old, and our first destination is the world best theme park - Disney Land!

   It will really excite you to come to this place even if you're not a child anymore, from the transport train with Mickey Mouse glass windows and doors, hand rail with Mickey Mouse plastic hand grab and accessories displayed inside a glass cabinet. You will surely get excited, especially when you see children smiling because of excitement to see Mickey and friends live!


     The main entrance is awesome with a Mickey's replica on a surf board floating.

     This park has indeed so much to offer, you will spend a whole day to see everything what's inside, and of course old and young will truly enjoy the sites and sounds this park is featuring.

     The park's main features are divided into different layout - USA Main Street, Adventure Land, Fantasy Land, Tomorrow Land, Toy Story Land.
Mickey mouse

Souvenir shop
     This is my favorite place here - souvenir shop! With so many things merchandised inside this store, it's difficult to decide what to buy because everything for me is so nice and mostly are unique replicas or memorabilia of Disney characters, I want to have them all, that's why we spend so much time in here looking at every nice object displayed from every shelf.
Tomorrow Land





Tarzan's tree house




U.S.A. Main Street

 The highlight of the park is the colorful and enchanting fireworks as their closing hurrah to all their visitors from all walks of life who came from different countries to experience the wonderful world of Disney.




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