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October 26, 2012

Ride on as I tour you to Hongkong amusement park destination-Ocean Park

Ocean Park Hong Kong

     We spend our second day in Ocean Park which is the first theme park in Hong Kong opened way back 1977 prior to their renowned other theme park Disneyland which opened  in the 80’s.   The park has two areas – ‘The Waterfront’ which is located at the lower part of the mountain and ‘The Summit’ which is on top of the mountain.

Ocean Park Hong Kong

     Well, we started in ‘The Summit’. Like any amusement park or tourist destination, there is always a merchandise shop near the entrance and exit gate and this could not escape us to go inside it, since we have kids along and even us adults are curious as well looking at those cute panda toys, neatly and orderly placed on the shelves in different sizes and forms.

steep escalator inside Ocean Park Hong Kong
steep escalator
     After we filled our eyes with nice toys and stuffs in the store we headed to this long and steep escalator and I was amazed when I first saw this, in my calculation I think it is approximately as high as a three-storey building.  From below, you cannot even see the end of it so you’ll wonder what it looks like on top.  There’s also a path walk-stairs-path walk as an alternate way up, but of course it will take your time if you want to experience all the rides and watch all the shows.

roller coaster
ride     Our fun and excitement started here at ‘Ocean Park Tower’ ride wherein all of us ride on inside the chamber, which took us up and down while it rotates in a slow pace, taking you into a whole view of the park and the beautiful South China Sea as well. This ride is recommendable for kids and older persons.  Other rides are for the thrill seekers like ‘The Dragon ride’ is a scary roller coaster ride located at the side of the mountain. ‘The Abyss’ this will take you high up, then make a turbo drop which will make you scream your heart out. 


    After the hair raising experience at the rides we watched at the ‘Ocean Theatre’ where the dolphins and sea lions at do their tricks with the aide of their human trainer they will leap into the air simultaneously or one after the other, sometimes they will show up on the stage and wave to the audience, plays ball, dance with the music and their main event is jumping into a ring of fire.  The show lasted for about  30 minutes. 

     Soon as we toured everything in ‘The Summit’ we headed to the ‘The Waterfront’ via the cable car which is 20 minutes ride to the other end, the panoramic view of the scenery below is astonishing as you can already map down which attraction you’ll 
get into.

red panda

     These are some of the main attractions at ‘The Waterfront’ – The Panda adventure featuring An An and Le Le the red Panda.  The Grand Aquarium with its amazing size of 5.5 meters diameter wide you’ll see lots of different species of fish and water creatures passing by and you will get magnified by their vibrant colors.   The starting view is at the aquarium top and as you follow the path around the aquarium it will descend to the depth of the bottom of it where it is darker and the temperature is colder, you can also hear while walking around a wave sound and bubble sounds of the water as if you're really in the ocean.


      At the Whiskers Harbour, most of the attractions here are for kids like merry-go-round, bouncer house and Ferris wheel. 

     Overall, Ocean park is fun, exciting and entertaining with lots of rides, shows and attractions and they never stop improving and adding more attractions so visitors will look forward to come back and experience what new attraction they have to offer.

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