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November 24, 2012

Family bonding at Eden Nature Park

     Our first itinerary in our plan is to visit Nature Eden Park which is located in Mount Talomo, Toril, Davao.  We took a taxi to drive us for our first day itinerary so we can maximize our time in each of our destination. On our way the driver keeps on describing what can we see there and the activities we can do inside, which made us so excited to reach the place immediately and my 2 kids are enjoying the conversation  with the driver, asking him if there is like this or like that, and the man is likewise happy answering their queries.  As we
are ascending the mountain we noticed that our taxi is moving slowly and one by one we were being left behind by the vehicles the driver has over taken when we were on the low grounds. My hubby and I just realized that we should have taken a newer taxi model.  And sometimes the driver will turn off the air-conditioning to keep the speed at 30 km ph because the poor cab cannot accelerate more than that.
     My kids are getting impatient that their happy faces turned into a frowning faces already, good thing though that the temperature is cool, we can already feel the cool breeze of the mountain wind while the windows of the taxi is open, and to brighten every body’s mood, the driver pointed to us the tallest mountain in the Philippines which is the Mount Apo, just across the mountain we’re trailing. Because of its vastness you can presume that it’s easy to get there.

    And at long last, we had a sigh of relief when we made it to Eden Nature Park.  We found out that majority of it is man-made, previously it was all grass and the owner turned it to a nature wonder, they cultivated some lands to grow vegetables and planted lots of pine trees.

     They imported some animals like peacocks and turkeys that are freely roaming outside of the restaurant, which my kids interact with by giving out some of their left over bread and allowing itself to be part of the photos.

     There's also playground with swing, slide and toy horse ride for small kids.

playground for kiddies
     This is the kind of road going to the different areas of the park, either you walk or ride on their shuttle service to easily get to your choice destination.


     These are some of the diverse and fun activities you can do inside the park.

horse back ride

Indiana Jones zip lining

Resting while taking picture under a tree

Fishing village
Fishing Village icon

Lola's Garden
     I love nature and I feel rejuvenated when I am in a place like this, and I'm sure this will not be my first and last visit in this park, there are more sights and activities they are offering that limits my condition during our stay.  Like swimming, sky ride zip lining, walk through hanging bridge and set foot on Matino water falls.

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