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December 29, 2012

5 days itinerary Cebu and Bohol trip

A guide on what to do in Cebu and Bohol

5 days itinerary in Cebu and Bohol
Lapu Lapu Shrine, Cebu and Chocolate Hills, Bohol

     Here's the details of our 5 day itinerary on our tour to Cebu and Bohol, Philippines which could help you on your plan to visit these two tourist spots in the country.

Cebu itinerary

First day:  

  1.  Ninoy Aquino International Airport - en route to Cebu via Philippine   Airlines.              
  2. Cebu International Airport – arrived in Cebu and fetched by our contacted tour guide including van for Cebu tour.
  3. Lapu-Lapu Shrine – visited the historic place of Lapu-Lapu who fought for Philippine freedom from Spanish colonization.
  4. Alegre Guitars Factory – factory and showroom tour on the best makers of guitars in the Philippines.
  5. Taoist Temple – sight-seeing at the archaic and intricate design of the temple.
  6. Magellan’s Cross – significant building structure where Magellan’s cross is being kept.
  7. Sto. Nino Church – one of the oldest churches in the Philippines, which was built in 16th Century.
  8. Grand Prix Hotel – checked-in in our hotel located on Osmena Boulevard.
Second day:

  1. Moal Boal – action and adventure tour in the breathtaking view of falls and mountains.
  2. Kawasan Falls – sight-seeing and nature trip in the clean river and picturesque falls in Badian, Cebu.
  3. Tabuan Dried fish market – where the famous Danggit and other dried fish are available for sale.
  4. Jo’s Chicken Inato – one of the best and the original Jo’s Chicken Inato branch which serves the famous grilled chicken.

Bohol itinerary 

Third day: 

  1. Osmena Avenue- strolled around Osmena Boulevard and had breakfast at Jollibee in Robinson’s Mall.
  2. Cebu port – en- route to Bohol via Super Ferry boat.
  3. Bohol  port – arrived Bohol and rented a van that brought us to our hotel.
  4. Bohol Diver’s resort – check-in and relaxed in our hotel and had a swim in the pool until night.

Fourth day:

  1. Tarsier sanctuary – encountered the smallest mammal in the world.
  2. Forrest Camp – zip lining, nature and animal seeing.
  3. Chocolate Hills – visited Bohol’s famous 1,776 hills which are their best tourist attraction.
  4. Loboc River Cruise – experienced dining while at a floating restaurant along the river of Loboc.
  5. Bilar Man made forest – stopped over at the spectacular 2 kilometer wide man made forest.
  6. Baclayon Church – visited the oldest church in Bohol and the second oldest church in the Philippines.
  7. Sikatuna Shrine – historic place where Sikatuna and a Spaniard made a blood compact that signified their friendship.
  8. Souvenir store – bought tarsier display toys and Peanut Kisses.
  9. Bohol Diver’s resort hotel – had dinner beside the beach.

Fifth Day:

  1. Balicasag Island – watched dolphins swimming beside the boat and snorkelled in the fish sanctuary.
  2. Tagbilaran Airport – en-route to Manila.

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