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December 17, 2012

A walk in the pond

Walk 'N Water ball park, Davao City

water ball

               Just like zorb ball where the rider will get inside a big round plastic ball, but the difference is that the rider will manipulate the movement of the ball to roll in the water.  This has been our itinerary after the Zorb park before we went to Crocodile Park, which are all located inside the complex of the Riverfront Corporate City, Diversion Road, Maa, Davao City.

           It was so nice to look at those giant balls in different colors, and there are 4 balls on the man-made square pond when we got there and all of them are empty, which means the place will be for us to use alone because sometimes I hate it when you have to line-up a mile to wait for your turn to get accommodated in a ride which usually happens during the holiday season or long weekend when most of the families with kids are in the amusement parks.  Good thing though that it was a week day and a lean month when we took our vacation in Davao, that we took advantage of our left vacation leaves to bond with our kids.

water ball
Trying to crawl to keep the ball rolling

water ball
Relaxing inside the ball in the middle of the pond

water ball
Struggling to move the ball

water ball
Resting while feeling the coldness of the water underneath

water ball
Head on collision of the water balls

water ball
Nice looking at those water balls in different colors
          To get inside the water ball the crew will unzip the zipper on it and will spray an oxygen inside because once the rider is inside the crew will zip the zipper of the water ball and seal it with another protective covering to ensure that the water ball is air tight.  The oxygen will only last for 15 minutes, which will end the rider’s session in struggling to move the ball on the pond.  It’s a difficult and a funny kind of recreation because a rider must have a good sense of balance in order to stand-up and walk inside the water ball, a sense of timing to keep the momentum in moving it or else the rider will stumble over which is the funny side of it, which I cannot hide myself laughing when I saw them at that moment and they too are laughing at themselves.  So what they did was just crawl to move the water ball and to veer away from being a laughing stock. 

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