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December 20, 2012

Consider travel reviews site on your next travel plan

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                When I am not surfing on my accounts in different social media sites reading updates on my friends and relatives happenings, I usually go to sites where there are pictures of places because it’s one of my stress reliever to see beautiful places without having to travel physically, with just one click of a mouse or one touch on a screen of a smart gadget I could be any place I like.  This is my way of amusing my sensibility and also to learn and discover places I haven’t been to. 

                One of my wishes is to travel outside Asia because I haven’t been outside of it, and if given 3 options according to the priorities I would like first to visit Europe, North America and lastly Africa.   Having these in mind while surfing for places to go and stay I stumbled upon this travel reviews site which features most of Hotels, resorts, and pubs on the countries I wish to go to. Complete with picture, description, location and map, some have pricing indicated, ratings and reviews of individuals who have visited the place.  Anybody could leave a review of a certain place which is not yet featured on the site, just log in and register in their site or link account with Facebook.

                The reviews are not all positive, so those that are given a not satisfactory review will be considered in my least priority to visit, and somehow I have knowledge on where will I stay if my wish will come true in due time. 

                The site also has reviews on the airways, finance, motoring, shopping places and restaurants.


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