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December 7, 2012

Overlooking restaurant experience in Davao

Taklobo Restaurant 

Jack's Ridges resort and restaurant

                We could have not known this place if our taxi driver didn’t inform us about this restaurant overlooking the city of Davao, which originally not on our itinerary.  Our plan was to eat at any restaurant near our hotel, then explore the plaza.  We were convinced by him that it is one of Davao’s tourists destination because of its view and the food are good, so it triggered our curiosity and we proceeded there.

                From Mc Arthur Hi-way to Shrine Hills, Matina it took us almost a half hour to get to the place and it’s quite far considering there is no traffic along the road and its’ all concrete pavement from down the hill up to top, it's already dark, we seldom meet any vehicle along the road and the residence and establishments we’ve seen were getting fewer, I’m getting fidgety, I told myself where on earth are we going? Is this man really knows where we're going? – I saw a familiar logo – ABS CBN and its satellite radar when we passed by it I thought it’s near the place we’re going but it’s not.  


                When we arrived at Jack’s ridges, it’s like were completely in a different place, the atmosphere is cool and calm, from the parking area near the gate of the guard station we could already see the whole area of the Taklobo restaurant, which has open windows, high ceiling and beams.  There are ample lightings that make the whole dining area bright.  The furniture depicts Filipino art and culture with its rattan made dining chair that matched the bamboo poles decoration and bamboo made lamp shades. 




                Most diners preferred  occupying the table near the open window overlooking the breathtaking city of Davao.  That’s why when we came inside the restaurant the whole row of tables there are occupied, and while we’re waiting for a vacancy we took a peep on a telescope to get a better view of the whole of the city.  The telescope can be rented for Php10.00 per 2 minutes of use, they got only one so we took turns to use the gadget.


                We came back in the dining area after 20 minutes and still there is no available table yet at the overlooking area so we took the vacant table across, so it would be easy for us to transfer when somebody vacated.  We go over their menu and ordered because it would take time for them before it will be served.  On their menu they serve salads - Chef’s salad & Caesar salad;  appetizers – kinilaw, sisig na mangga, chicharong bulaklak, chicken wings; entree – gambas, pork sisig, tenderloin steak, seafood supreme, chicken sizzler; specialties – Kare Kare, lechon kawali, fish fillet, Jack’s fried chicken, inihaw na pusit, sinigang na baboy.


                Just before our order arrived, we were able to transfer at the last table of the overlooking area, it’s much cooler there we could feel the cold breeze of the wind as it passes the leaves of the tree near us.  It was a nice dining experience we had at a Taklobo restaurant with a nice surrounding, cool atmosphere and delectable food, which I could say the price is justifiable with its good taste and the good service of their staff.   

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