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December 14, 2012

Rolling upside down a hill in Davao

Zorb Park, Davao City


                Another adventure in Davao for sports enthusiasts and or those seeking for a different kind of thrill, there’s zorbing in Zorb Park located at Diversion Road, Maa, Davao City.  As Wikipedia defined it, the word zorbing means ‘globe riding, sphereing, orbing, it is a recreation of rolling downhill in an orb, generally made of transparent plastic.’ 

           So how will you do this thing? The 3 meter diameter inflatable plastic ball has an opening or hole that could fit a person to enter inside.  When inside it, the rider should attach himself to the safety body straps that are affixed to the interior wall of the ball. It has a second layer of inflated plastic inside that will cushion and protect your behind from any hard material that the ball could bump into, and there’s also two protruded plastic handles that you could grip while the ball is rolling.  A maximum of two riders at a time could do the zorbing.  Once the riders are ready the crews will position the ball at the verge of the hill and then they will let it roll down the slope, which are guarded by a wooden fence at both sides.  The riders will have an upside down experience in less than a minute.  

                So how was it? I got two different reactions from my daughter and my husband who took the ride.  According to my daughter she didn’t enjoy it because she felt dizzy and she said it’s a little bit suffocating because of the limited air flowing inside of the small hole. Then my husband said he would like to do it again because it was an awesome experience.   





Pricing and schedule:

Per person – PHP 200.00 regular price
Schedule -   Monday to Sunday 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

       *During lean season they offer it at a discounted price of PHP 350.00 per   package which includes Zip lining at Zip City, Water ball ride and entrance to Crocodile Park.

How did we get there:

     From our hotel on Quirino Avenue we hired a taxi to get us first to Zip City, Langub which the driver patiently waited us before we proceed to Zorv Park located inside the Riverfront Corporate City, Diversion Road, Maa where Davao Crocodile Park, Walk N' Waterball Park and Davao Butterfly House are also located. Each park is distantly located from each other so we think hiring a taxi would be convenient plus the fact that there are few public transport available inside the Riverfront Corporate City and the last choice you could do is to walk.

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