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January 4, 2013

Food trip at Qizia Cafe restaurant in Marikina

Qizia Cafe
Enjoying our food at Qizia Cafe

        Every December on a holiday season we always schedule a visit to my in-laws at their house to have a moment of bonding, since this is the only time that majority of us are already on a Christmas vacation.  And last December 30 we had a simple family get together at Qizia Cafe, Marikina.  We’ve invited them over to have lunch at this restaurant to have a different ambiance and we also want them to taste the food at this restaurant in Marikina which has became one of our favorite restaurant to eat whenever were craving for  Italian food like pizza, pasta, cakes and pastries located near our place and which is budget friendly.

          We’ve known this place due to word of mouth from friends who have already dined in this restaurant, and I’ve never forget our first time to visit this place because we got lost searching for this restaurant and some people cannot decipher the name “Qizia” which is pronounced as “Kheezya”.  It is located at the back of SDS Medical Hospital along Katipunan Road in Marikina and across Nymph Garden, Marikina which the guard on duty pointed us the place.  It was difficult to find this restaurant because there is no signage along the streets pointing their direction or telling people that you are already near this restaurant, or if there is one, it is not that visible enough.  Maybe the owner is just too humble and not showy by having loud advertisements just like the other restaurants, they just resolve to word of mouth which is also good because it is the food that the customers are returning not because they are enticed by the nice pictures in the advertisements which in reality when you order their menu there is a big difference in the actual presentation.

          At Qizia Cafe these are some of their food menu we've ordered and their best sellers:

Qizia Cafe
Cheese Pizza -  Php 170.00

Qizia Cafe
Nachos with cheese dip

Qizia Cafe
Spaghetti with toasted bread

Qizia Cafe
Qizia Pizza Special

Qizia Cafe
Chicken Cordon Bleau with rice

Qizia Cafe
Hamburger with chips
    Qizia Cafe restaurant is divided into two dining areas - Enclosed L-type dining area with air conditioning and I think could occupy at least 50 persons in their 15 square dining tables, and outside their Open Area dining which is mostly used by smokers, has around 10 rectangular table which I think could also occupy the same numbers of persons inside.

Counter area with few dining sets

Menu of their cakes placed near the entrance 

Accent table situated just when you open their glass door before the steps going to the counter.

Qizia Cafe
Inside dining area - right side

Qizia Cafe
Inside dining area - left side

Qizia Cafe
Outside dining area - diners could also relax at their comfortable big dining bench

Qizia Cafe
Simple and cozy facade of Qizia Cafe
          Over-all their food is good and priced reasonably, they would just have to improve on their service and if they could increase their comfort room or make a separate comfort room for male and female.          

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