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January 6, 2013

Countdown to 2013 at Eastwood Mall

Eastwood Mall
Eastwood mall

          We celebrated New Year at Eastwood to witness the countdown to 2013 fireworks, and we are all excited because it was our first time as family to celebrate New Year not in our house.  Every year we have fireworks and fire crackers at our house minutes before the eve of New Year, but this year we decided not to buy one and instead go to Eastwood to celebrate and watch fireworks.

          We went there an hour before the changing of the year and I got astounded as there are so many people around anticipating and celebrating for the much awaited coming of 2013.  At the Eastwood City Walk where most of the restaurants are located, all of these establishments were occupied and even the park benches and hall ways were not vacated by people, locals and foreigners, coming and going anywhere the area.

Eastwood City Walk
Cosplayer at Eastwood City Walk

Eastwood City Walk
Bumble Bee Cosplayer

         There was an on-going concert that started earlier at Eastwood City Mall headed by Eraser Heads and some foreign artists that’s why many people have already flocked at the area where fireworks will be held.   15 minutes before the fireworks show people were already going near the Eastwood Mall where the street in front of it, is the nearest place where people settled standing and looking up in the sky waiting for any signs of fireworks, the traffic of the vehicles has been halted for a while.

          From the start of the fireworks until the last flickering light in the sky we watched the whole show, I can’t help to utter a sound of astonishment on every wonderful color and even thundering sound I could see and hear.  I just couldn't clap and jump for joy because I was the one holding the camera, capturing the 8 minutes of this ecstatic showering of lights in the sky. 

             Here are some of the magnificent photos of fireworks I got:

          And here's the 8 minutes video of fireworks show I captured.  Hope you enjoy the show!

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