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May 24, 2013

Afternoon Sweet Delights at Starbucks E. Rodriguez Jr. Avenue

Inside Starbucks photo capture from mezzanine
    After our afternoon walk in Bonifacio High Streets we should supposed to go to the newly opened SM Aura inside Bonifacio Global City, but the heavy traffic caused by vehicles and people going there made us decide not to proceed and re-schedule our malling, so instead of turning right from the intersection of 26th Street and McKinley Parkway we headed straight to Carlos P. Garcia Avenue (C5) until we reached the E. Rodriguez  Jr. Avenue (Libis area).  Prior to approaching E. Rodriguez Jr. Avenue my daughter is insisting on going to Starbucks, as always, whenever we go out she never forgets to persuade us to go to Starbucks and order her favourite drink – Coffee Jelly.  I allowed her clamour this time because most often I despised her begging.

Side view photo of Starbucks E. Rodriguez Jr.
   The nearest Starbucks we approached along the way is this E. Rodriguez Jr. branch, near Libis just right before Shopwise Supermarket Libis.  This branch has a drive-thru area and has spacious parking area – front and side.  Several table set with umbrellas are available outside as well as inside which has two dining areas separated by the ordering counter in the middle just in front of the entrance door.  From the ordering counter, at the left side is the mezzanine area with a few steps going up and at the right side will lead you other sets of tables.  We chose to settle at the mezzanine area because the seats are more comfortable where you can stretch your legs and slouch a bit on the couch. There are also sockets for those who have brought laptops.

Vanilla Frappuccino, Red Bean Green Tea Frappuccino, Coffee Jelly Frappuccino 

Yummy Starbucks Frappuccino flavors
     I ordered their new variant – Red Bean Green Tea Frappuccino, my sister ordered Vanilla Frappuccino and my daughter - Coffee Jelly Frappuccino in Venti size 20 onze (their biggest for frappuccinos).  I usually order Mocha frappucino or Caffe Latte, I just tried this new flavour because I availed their promo for a free upgrade because I have a coupon which will expire on June 15, which is the end of their promo.  I got the coupon when I bought last time their other new flavour – Mocha cookie crumble from their branch in Quezon Avenue, their promo is when you purchase their two new flavours you’ll get a chance to pick a scratch card from the counter with a prize, my friend was so lucky because she got a card with “buy one take one” promo and mine with “free upgrade” promo which can be availed only until June 15, 2013 in any of their branch, but only for the two new flavours, that’s why I am forced to order that flavor because I might forget to redeem my prize if I just keep it inside my wallet.  Anyways, from the two new flavours I have tasted I like Mocha cookie crumble than the other flavor, it is comparable to chocolate chips ice cream wherein you can feel in your mouth the crunched cookies.  Well for Red Bean Green Tea flavor, there’s a mild bitter taste of green tea blended with the taste of sweetened red beans and it is delicious to mix them before drinking to have a bittersweet taste of green tea and red beans because they serve this with the red beans on top.  

Starbucks Blueberry Cheesecake
     Their cakes and pastries are also yummy, my favorite is their Belgian waffle, I liked it plain though since it is already sweet I do not want any toppings anymore, which may add another calorie in my body - ha! ha! It's hard to reduce those fats so whenever possible I don't want to put extras on my food.  I have enough with my frappuccino.  That's why I just ordered that. That Blueberry cheese cake is my sister's who's not yet worried about her diet.

Front view of Starbucks E. Rodriguez, Jr. Avenue in Quezon City
     It's our first time here at this branch and I find it cool, spacious, clean and private. Hhmmm, I might encourage my friends to have this as our hangout place when we get together because the usual place where we usually hang out in Matalino Street near Kalayaan Avenue in Quezon City is already closed when the last time we had our get together.

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