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June 30, 2013

A towering view of Cape Bojeador Lighthouse
Cape Bojeador Lighthouse
         Our last destination in our first day Ilocos itinerary is this old lighthouse in Burgos which is one hour drive from where we came, at Malacanang Palace of the North located in Paoay.
Concrete steps that lead to the Lighthouse

     When we arrived it was five minutes before its closing time at 5 o'clock in the afternoon and before we went up we took pictures first down stairs to capture the whole structure and at two minutes before five the caretaker is calling all those last minute visitors to get inside or come back again some other day so we hurriedly climbed up these stairs to reach the small gate inside of the lighthouse.

     The building is too old and lacks maintenance because some steps going up to the tower is rickety and some portions of the structure is dilapidated which is why I think some of the doors are closed and we were allowed only up to the closed door going up to the staircase of the lighthouse.   It was a struggle for us go up because the air is so strong we could really feel the air is pushing us down or sometimes sideways, that's why I hold on tightly on the steel railings while holding tightly also to my daughter's hand because she might be blown away since she is small.
View of South China Sea 

     Anyhow the whole place impressed me, especially the captivating view of South China Sea when we were at the top.  The splashing sound of the water that smashed on the coastline could be heard from where we stand which adds up to the beauty of this place.
Captivating view from the Lighthouse
           Cape Bojeador is another cultural heritage site of Ilocos, it was built in the 19th century with a height of 66 feet tall, made of brick stones and octagonal in shape.  This was used during the Spanish era in the Philippines because during those times there were galleons sailing the sea in this Pacific that enters the Philippine archipelago.

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