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June 7, 2013

Museum of the Marcoses in Ilocos Norte

Museum in Sarrat Ilocos Norte

   From Vigan City and right after Laoag City, Batac is another two hour land travel where the old house of the Marcoses has been transformed into  a museum and mausoleum of former Philippine President Ferdinand Marcos. 

     It is easy to find because it is located just along a highway and across a Filipino known fast food restaurant, the giant happy bee :) - I need not say the name because I'm sure you're already familiar with it, ha! ha

   Anyway, so it is just across the entrance to the museum where you can find memories of the former president during his stint in presidency for twenty years in the country, as posted along the four walls of the room and onto several post boards laid on each side of the room and in the center a red carpet that would lead you to a mural of the Marcoses that covers a big portion of the rear wall of the room.


     The mausoleum is in a separate room, we had to enter another gate to get inside the room where the late President Marcos body is resting in an encased glass coffin.  There was a signage outside the mausoleum that serves as warning to those who wants to view the coffin not to take any photos or videos inside to preserve the solemnity of the place.

    The inside of the mausoleum is air conditioned and in the center lies the embalmed body of the former president in a glass coffin surrounded by flowers and protected by low barriers that will prevent people from touching and getting too near the coffin. I didn't find the place dark and eerie as some tourists foretold, there is ample lighting inside and you can hear a church hymn music that will trounce you into solitude stature.

"And if and when my commonwealth demands that blood, to cleanse her name of any crime, to free her hands for justice, and give her strength to face the world with pride, I will gladly shed that blood, born in sacrifice and own whatever crime even if it be not mine. 

When my motherland calls for this holocaust, I shall lay down all hopes and dreams, all love and life, and for her die a thousand deaths and more, and yet live with her and in her pride." 

- Ferdinand Marcos

     The museum and mausoleum is open only from Tuesday to Sunday, so when you plan to visit there, remember not to schedule on a Monday and there's no entrance fee in going inside. 

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