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July 18, 2013

Animals in the zoo at Baluarte

Baluarte entrance

Entrance to Baluarte

          For many times I have been to different zoos and have already seen different animals, and what else could be common to see in a zoo are wild animals like tigers, lion, snakes, crocodiles and friendly animals like birds, turtles and giraffe, but what I wanted to see here in Baluarte and I think the difference from other zoos I've been to are the different breeds of miniature horses that are caged in the center of the zoo.   

miniature horses inside Baluarte

Miniature horses inside Baluarte

          These miniature horses are endemic in America and Europe, meaning they are imported which cost ranges from $1,000 to $200,000 depending on size, gender and bloodline.  Wow! That amount could already buy me a new motorbike or even a new car! Well, if you are a wealthy person like the owner of this place, namely Governor Chavit Singson that would not be a problem, whose just collecting animals as his hobby that he was able to build a zoo since there were already numerous animals he was able to collect as of now.  And would it also be so generous of him that he was sharing his animal collections in public.. Because entrance here is FREE! 

          Anybody can enjoy viewing the animals in their cages and some can be interacted with like miniature horses that roams freely on the paved path walk with carriage on its back which can accommodate 4 passengers, the children and adult alike enjoyed touching its hair and body but it still calm and friendly which seems like also enjoying the peoples fondness and attention its getting.   

          Just near the entrance there are these colorful parrots that are tamed, they are just sticking on the branches and would not fly even if you pick them up and hold them.  They are like the celebrities here because they love being photographed with the people without getting annoyed with a line of people who are patiently waiting for their turn to get close to it. 
Family of parrot

          If the miniature horses and parrots are the tamed one these ostrich that are also freely roaming around are the naughty ones, since they are tall and has a beak, sometimes they will peck on your head or shoulder when they are behind you and if you happen to be blocking their way and when you turn around to look who did that to you and you'll be surprised because the ostrich is already beside you and walking past you, they walk so fast and doesn't want to be touched.    

ostrich roaming around

     After our interaction with the tamed animals near the entrance, we headed to the caged animals that are wild and elusive.

Caged dinosaurs replicas

          Aside from real animals there are also dinosaur replicas that are contained in a large cage that seems real, you could imagine you are in a Jurassic Park.  This is where the start of the ascending road going to the wild animals. 

          Different colored peacocks are placed in one cage and were able to see its long feathered tails spread beautifully.  We've waited for awhile to see the brilliant plumage of the peacock when they displayed them impressively to watchful tourists waiting for this scene.

          Peacocks are male peafowl while the female is called peahen, and it is the peacocks that have this magnificent long feather and it is their characteristic that when they spread their plumage it means they would like to attract a peahen which usually occurs on a mating season.

          During that time we were able to witness the two peacocks competing for the attention of this peahen, it was the albino peacock first which spread out its plumage while making a loud, high pitched noise and when he had lowered down its feathers the other peacock, which I truly like, because of its brilliant colors, blue, green and dark round like eyes like a neon when reflected with light, this one is called an Indian peacock.  When it was his turn to spread its feathers it was so magnificent, it did not only attract the peahen but also the tourists.     

          It was an instant show, the Indian peacock while showing boastfully its nice feathers walks near the peahen which the albino peacock did not like and it starts to make noise again, then almost running approaching the Indian peacock like it was going to attack him, but the peahen interfered flew before the albino peacock and made some noise which seems like she was scolding angrily on him. It was fantastic! There is also jealousy and love triangle in animals... LOL!


          I am not fond of reptiles that's why I just did a rapid view of each cage. 

Interaction with the python inside Baluarte

              Different reptiles are caged separately in one place, this python was out of its cage to interact with tourists, just ask assistance from its trainer if you want to hold or carry it for a minute of picture taking or interact with it.              
Siberian bengal tiger at Baluarte

          There are 2 Bengal tigers I have seen in their resting place located at the rear portion of the zoo, their cage is elevated so it was difficult to see how many tigers are in there and it's difficult to see their whole body when they are lying down or in a sitting position.

Golden building of Cong. Chavit Singson inside Baluarte

          At the end of the zoo this golden building of Governor Chavit Singson appeared to us and we are awe inspired by its modern and elegant style which could only be seen in this province of Vigan. 

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