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July 12, 2013

Burgos Ilocos Norte's Kapurpurawan rock formation

Kapurpurawan rock formation
Kapurpurawan rock formation

     Another tourist attraction in Ilocos Norte is this extraordinary wonder of nature called Kapurpurawan rock formation. Its name “Kapurpurawan” was derived from an Ilocano word which means whiteness as depicted from its color. 

Kapurpurawan rock formation

    From afar, we could see vividly its whiteness and the rock boasts of its nicely carved linings which could be misconstrued as man made, but it is a work of wonder. The sea and the wind collaborated to produce a masterpiece such as this which is indeed astonishing.  My eyes could not believe that this was built by nature alone without the help of mankind and through the years it is forming more beautifully.

Kapurpurawan rock formation

    Since we brought children with us, we did not go too near the rock, the path going there is rocky and a little bit far from above where we are looking at, and it was too hot when we arrived in the area at around 11:00 in the morning.
beach beside Kapurpurawan rock formation

Nipa hut overlooking the beach

     From our view above, there were Nipa huts that protected us from too much heat outside, we rested there for a while, while looking at the clear blue skies and blue sea beside the rock formation.

Its cool inside Nipa hut

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