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July 1, 2013

Electrifying images of Windmills in Bangui Ilocos Norte
Bangui windmills

      I wasn't electrocuted here in these photos which caused my hair to raise like crazy, it was the strong winds that caused my hair to go unruly and fly in every direction which the wind leads them to.  I came near one of those 20 windmills in Bangui, which is 70 meters high that resembles a gigantic electric fan.  They are situated near a shoreline that's why getting near its foot is already a struggle because a mixture of sea splash and wind will hit your skin, that's why even though the sun is already at its peak, you can't feel the heat when you are beside the windmill.
It's always a bad hair day here in Bangui!

     This wind farm has been developed to produce the electricity demand of Ilocos province, which could produce 1.65 megawatts per windmill for a total of 33 megawatt power these turbines can supply to Ilocos region.   

     This was our first stop for our second day trip in Ilocos before going to Pagudpud.  We were staying in a friend's house in Burgos which is a town before Bangui so we stopped over for a while to have a glimpse near those windmills. Although they already look good seeing them when you are traversing the Pan Pacific highway, they are equally distanced from each other and the spinning sound of the blades could be overheard from a distance.

     We were 3 vehicles in convoy and we were leading in the highway, but when we were trailing the bumpy and dusty road going near the shore, we were surpassed by our friend's 4 x 4 SUV.  I think it was about 10 minutes off road travel before we reached the parking site before we unload from our vehicles.

     Since this has been a tourist spot there were businesses along the side of the path walk that descends going to the white sandy beach where the amazing windmills are situated in a single row facing the South China sea.  The stores are makeshift made of bamboo and coconut leaves, which looks like a Nipa hut.  Most of them are selling garlic, bundles of local garlic are widely seen in the stores, since Ilocos Norte is one of the major producers of garlic in the Philippines, this product is available in every store in Ilocos.  They also sell miniature windmills made for key chain, refrigerator stick-on, and pen holder.  The first two are sold for PHP 100.00 per 3 pieces and the latter is PHP 150.00.  I got amazed with the windmill, its white color and its three rotor blade and the fact that it’s my first time to see a windmill, that’s why I bought the pen holder before we leave the place which I could carry in my hand than the actual size which I could not even grab with my two wide arms around it.

       The place is good for sightseeing, strolling along the beach, picnic, surfing and swimming.  There were no resorts in sight so I guess it is best to visit this place during daytime.  

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