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July 25, 2013

Map out your tour on your smart phone

WineMaps/Events Map
Wine Maps/Events Map

         I am always on a look out for travel destination and tours of places I haven’t been to and what particularly interests me is if I could search it easily in the internet using my smart phone.  Nowadays this is the handiest gadget wherein an easy access to any information on whatever in particular you would want to know about is already available online. That is why smart phones are now becoming a very useful tool that could make our lives easy in search for anything in the net.

          There are travel applications that I often look up to whenever I would plan my travel and these are Trip advisor for reviews on places of interests, Google maps to find the exact location and Agoda for the cheapest accommodations.  With my continuous search for a unique travel experience I stumbled upon, a travel map that would let you discover wineries, vineyards, wine bars and events around the world like trade shows and wine tasting.  This kind of tour is so new to me so I signed up for their newsletter to get updated on the latest events and invites.  

          You too can sign-up to their easy to fill-up form and just wait because you might be their first invite to their upcoming event! Check the link here..

      With this you can easily discover wineries and plan a vacation to vineyards and choose the nearest wine bar which you want to go to in the city, with just a few navigation on your phone you can already map out your next travel.  You can also share with others your worthwhile experience in those places you have been as the application has a review section where you can have an input on your winery tour.

          Hey, are you as excited as me to map out a tour to wineries, vineyards and wine bars using this phone app? Let me hear your comment below..    

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