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July 2, 2013

Pagudpud Casa Victoria Beach Resort
Welcome to Pagudpud!

     When we reached the Arc of Pagudpud our excitement heightened even more because we are already near the beach and this was the most expected part of our trip, especially the kids, they kept on talking about swimming and playing on the beach since the time we left Manila, that every time we go to our destination which was often located near a beach they kept on asking if we were already in Pagudpud.

     It was a sigh of relief when we arrived at Saud beach, it was then that the children stopped annoying us.  It was a cool weather and clear sky when was there, the clear blue water with soft waves hitting the shore is soothing to the eyes with the matching powdery white sand which is already so hot to step on from the sun exposure for hours now.

       It was around 11:00 in the morning when we arrived at Casa Victoria Beach Resort, since we are not staying for a night we rented a Nipa hut or they call it cabana for PHP 800.00 a day, plus we paid for our entrance fee for PHP 25.00 per adult and PHP 15.00 per child. They also offer free wifi just ask the password from their restaurant nearby and they will give it you at once as long as you are staying in one of their rented rooms or Nipa huts. Because we were staying in a friend's house in Burgos we were able to prepare and cook our food which we brought for our lunch and snacks so we were able to save a lot on food expenses on this trip.

     There were many other resorts along Saud beach and we ended here because they have the most practical cost for Nipa hut rental and a corkage fee.

      If you want relaxation and solace this is one of the best place to stay, away from pollution and population. Nightclubs, fancy restaurants, and lavish gimmicks are not available here.  Activities are limited to swimming, surfing and boating.

     For me just enjoying the tranquility of the nature and feel the freedom from any anxiety in this solitude, are good enough to rejuvenate my body and mind.  

Casa Victoria Beach Resort and Restaurant room rates:

Family Room        PHP 4,000 - off-peak - June to September
                          PHP 6,000 - peak - October to May
                          PHP 9,000 - Holy week - (either March or April)

Standard Room    PHP 1,500 - off-peak
 (For 2)               PHP 2,500 - peak
                         PHP 3,500 - Holy week

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