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July 21, 2013

Relaxation, pampering and sumptuous food at Wensha Spa Antipolo

Grill all you can eat at Wensha Antipolo
Where else can you find an eat all you can grill barbecue after a relaxing massage and indulging in a Jacuzzi?       
         This is a different kind of spa I have experienced in Antipolo, not only they offer a complete body massage where you will be relaxed and pampered but also a sumptuous meal with all-you-can-eat package. The whole package would amount to PHP 780.00 which consists of use of shower, Jacuzzi, steam bath, sauna, either whole body massage or foot spa and as what I have mentioned an eat all you can buffet menu.

          My husband and I went there on a Tuesday night after our office work, actually he had this 2 vouchers which was sold to him by his office mate for less 50% off, which was originally bought from an online website and transferable to anybody as long as the printed voucher will be presented to the establishment. So we went there without calling for a reservation, we just simply presented our printed vouchers at the reception counter and they accommodated us immediately.  Since it was our first time in Wensha Spa the receptionist gave us a brief instruction on their house rules and the lady told us that they are allowing their guests to stay and use their amenities included in the package for a maximum of six hours and in excess of that they will already charge an amount for every hour of over due stay and one more thing taking photos inside is prohibited.

           We were given slippers at the counter and surrendered to them what we were wearing and gave us our individual rubberized wristband which has a unique number for each guest, which also has a magnetized key for a locker. Males and females have separate rooms except for foot spa and dining area. My hubby and I went first to our separate bathrooms which are just a few steps from the reception area. Inside the bathroom there's another reception where I claimed my towel and robe.  There were already quite a number of women inside and there were numerous lockers inside and it took me a few minutes to find mine, which was at the back end near the dressing room and the entrance door to another room where the shower rooms, Jacuzzi, steam bath and sauna are located. We were reminded of the towel lady that they don't allow anybody to use their Jacuzzi wearing any clothes on, so while I'm changing my clothes I was contemplating if I will use the Jacuzzi because it will be my first time to bare in a public bathroom.  When I peek inside the door, there were women on the 2 elevated large Jacuzzis and there were others joining in. I observed on how they will submerge in the water, they took off their towel in the water so I followed what they did.  Although we are living in a modern world and exposed to sexuality, which was brought about by immediate access to the internet and movies, most Filipinas are not yet accustomed to baring herself naked in public room with the same gender.  Before submerging myself in the warm Jacuzzi I took a quick shower in the shower room adjacent to the Jacuzzi, there were about 20 cubicle showers with hot and cold water, shampoo and body soap inside. I chose the lesser hot water Jacuzzi where I indulged myself for about 30 minutes, after that I used the steam bath where at least 20 to 30 persons can accommodate inside and I seated there for about 15 minutes.  The room beside it is the sauna which I did not use because I already cannot bear the heat, so I took another shower just to cool down my body.

          I already felt my body and skin so clean and detoxified from stressful elements, after drying myself I went down to the third level for females room to have a one hour session of relaxing full body massage. It was a combination of Shiatsu and Swedish massage where I choose mint oil to use on my body because I love the aroma of it. It was a soothing effect afterwards.  I gave a tip to my masseuse which will be paid and collected by the receptionist upon checkout, just give your pledge on how much will be your tip after signing their call slip after the session. 

          I already felt hungry since it was already 10:00 in the evening and I haven't had my dinner yet, my husband texted me that he was already on the second floor dining area.  I went upstairs and look for him, the buffet area greeted me first, but I went on to the two separate dining areas to look for my husband, first at the enclosed dining hall with air conditioning, televisions and comfortable dining sofa but unfortunately he was not here.  I went out of the adjacent open dining area with has a more dining capacity, and since Wensha Spa is located on a hill of Antipolo the open dining area has a better view overlooking the City of Manila.  I located my husband at the rear end dining table grilling a barbeque for us which made me even more hungry when I smelled it.  I went to the buffet area to get some food, there were so many to choose from that looks so delectable and enticing such as Mongolian barbeque, Shabu-Shabu, Vegetable salad, Deep Fried Chicken and Spicy Calamares.  This also includes bottomless drinks on juices and beers.

          Wensha Spa is located within the same building with Cafe Lupe Restaurant, just below it, along Sumulong Hi-way, a few minutes drive before Grilla Bar Restaurant, Padis Point and Leonardo's Restaurant. 

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