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August 31, 2013

Viva! Vivo City

Christmas tree at Sky Garden Vivo City rooftop
Sky Garden at Vivo City 

     Vivo City is the biggest mall in Singapore which is located in Harbourfront Walk, and this is where the train station going to Sentosa Island is located.  I also had the chance to have a last minute shopping when we came from Sentosa because the following morning was our scheduled flight back to Manila, so while the mall was still open we had the chance to window shop and also bought some for ourselves.

Sentosa station at 3rd level Vivo city

     Although we had limited time to visit each store we were able to visit the sought after places therein like the Food Republic located at level 3 just near Sentosa station.  What I like in the food court is the ambiance that is a semblance of old China town. 

Nostalgic food court at Food Republic Vivo City Singapore

     From the ceiling to the floor furnishings and food offerings are truly Asian,  I love noodles so I look for a Chinese stall which I had difficulty communicating with the sellers because they speak in Chinese, one good thing is that they have a menu on cardboard with pictures and prices indicated which made it possible to understand each other.
Food Republic at Vivo City mall Singapore

     On that same level is the doorway to their huge and fabulous rooftop sky garden which includes an amphitheater and a wading pool for children to play.   
Amphitheater at Sky Garden Vivo City Singapore

     Overall, Vivo City is an icon in Asia for modern mall which incorporates building and the environment in one structure that is friendly to all families from all walks of life.

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