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September 11, 2013

Aspiring for New Zealand as my second home

New Zealand
       One of the countries that I admire when it comes to natural scenery is New Zealand, its vast lands with picturesque view of mountains and greenery have been used mostly as backdrop of Hollywood movies where I had my first glimpse of its magnificent beauty.  

     New Zealand is a progressive and modern country but less population compared to other countries that are also progressive.  With their population they are open to migrants who wish to live and work in their country.  Two of my colleagues in College whom I lost contact for so long when we had each our own jobs after graduation and due to technology brought about by social media like Facebook, I stumbled over their account when I searched in their names. One is now living in Auckland and the other is in Wellington, they are an immigrant there with permanent residency status.  Even though they live in a separate location they meet and spend vacation together and of course I cannot resist myself to peek on their albums in Facebook when they post their travels like their experience in Sky Tower at Auckland, which has captivating sight at night when it lit up and illuminates the tower, their stay in a beach front lodge in AbeTasman National Park at the South island of New Zealand.
Abe Tasman National Park
Abe Tasman National Park (

     Because they knew very well that New Zealand is in my bucket list so they are persuading me to apply as immigrant with my family. My friends are encouraging me to settle and live there for they assured me that there are Banking jobs available which I could apply to and if income would not suffice daily expenses it could be filled in with Temp jobs from a large and established company. Owning a house would be easy because there are also companies offering Home Loans to immigrants, and would you believe that some companies can pre-approve your loan just be you land on their country? All you have to do is contact beforehand a home loan specialist and they would give you the details of their requirements.  One of my friends there who work in a Web Video Production company vouched that as long as you have job there in New Zealand you are already financially capable to pay for a home loan.

     With this proposition from my friends in New Zealand, I am now contemplating if I would just be a traveler or a settler in a foreign land, where for many aspiring migrants look up to as the land of milk and honey.

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