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September 14, 2013

From Oxford Hotel Singapore to where our feet brought us

Oxford Hotel Singapore

     During our stay in Singapore we booked in Oxford Hotel  to sleep in for two nights, it is a budget hotel located in Queen Street, Bugis .  They have the basic necessities for their guests to sleep in for a night.  We were three in the room with my two siblings and there were only two single beds but we arranged an extra bed which they put in the middle which made the room crowded for the three of us. 

Oxford hotel Singapore standard room

Oxford Hotel Singapore standard room amenities
Oxford Hotel Singapore bathroom photo

     The room has cable TV, and equipped with WI-fi connection, small comfortable room with hot and cold shower and translucent shower enclosure that would just be enough to fit a single person inside.  I really need to recharge my phone which was already on the critical level so I checked their outlets but what they have are three pronged outlets, the problem was neither of us brought Universal World Wide Travel Plug Adapter which is an essential gadget when traveling outside the country, since every country differs in electrical standards.

     Anyway we did not stay in our hotel the whole time and we just used our room to sleep on our beds just in time that we were already tired from going anywhere roaming around the city of Singapore so I did not mind much about its limited space since there were no time to roam around the room.  Like when we arrived in Singapore from Kuala Lumpur it was already 7:00 p.m. We checked-in and brought our luggage in our rooms, rested a few minutes and went out again to look for a dining place.  We strolled along the street of Queens until we reached Bras Basah Street, we decided just to walk so we can choose where to eat and at the same time do sightseeing at night.  We passed by Raffles Hotel until we end up in Suntec City Mall which is about four blocks away from Queen Street.  And there we had our dinner and stayed in the mall until it closed at 10:00 p.m.

     There are two walking distance MRT stations that are near Oxford Hotel but we preferred to walk to see more of Singapore.  So the following morning after our sumptuous buffet breakfast in the hotel, we had our walking spree again, although we had the same route the night before, we appreciated more the streets and places in Singapore which became noticeable during the broad daylight which caught our curiosity to pay a visit to those establishments we came across.

St.Peter and Paul church at Queen Road, Singapore

     A few steps from Oxford Hotel we noticed that there is a Roman Catholic church  – St. Peter and Paul Church.

Bras Basah Street Singapore

Intersection of Bras Basah street and Queens street in Singapore

     When we reached the end of Queens street which is perpendicular to Bras Basah, there were still few vehicles on the streets.  There lies also the Singapore museum which was still closed and we could not wait the 10:00 a.m. opening time so we kept on walking until we reached the next street along Bras Basah which is Victoria Street.

Convent of the Holy Infant Jesus (CHIJMES) located in Victoria street Singapore

     There we saw Convent of the Holy Infant Jesus (CHIJMES).  It consists of three buildings which are Caldwell House, the orphanage and the chapel, wherein the first holds the second oldest building built in Singapore.  

Bras Basah street


        The trees and covered paths made it conducive for us to walk the long stretch of Bras Basah to Raffles Boulevard until we reached the Suntec Mall for our first exploration and Sightseeing tour for the first half of the day in Singapore. 

     For me the best about Oxford Hotel Singapore is that it is situated in a central district of Singapore which is near tourist destinations that could be reached by walking.

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