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September 30, 2013

Highlights of our road trip in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

     In my previous post I left you hanging with my preview of KL Hop-on Hop-off bus, and this post is the continuation of where the bus brought us and I will show you the highlights of our tour within the city of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Palace of Culture
     Our first stop was the Palace of Culture, this is a performing arts theatres which is included in the world's best theater which has sophisticated state-of-the-art stage equipment.  We only took photos outside since we are not going to watch any show inside and it was still early when we landed from our bus to have a glimpse of this one of the world's best theater in the world.

Up close and personal with Petronas Twin Towers
     I guess every visitor of Kuala Lumpur would want to see one of the world's tallest building in the world.  And I got amazed when I came near this structure which shimmers when a stroke of light hits the silver metal finish that is made of pure stainless and glass windows.  During our visit in 2009, Petronas Towers was the third tallest building in the world which was headed then by Taipei 101 building in Taiwan and seconded by Shanghai Financial Center in China.  Petronas Towers are two buildings connected by a sky bridge as you can see on the photo above.  The buildings are composed of business offices but public are also allowed to enter the building up to the sky bridge.

Side entrance to Petronas Towers

    The lower levels of the tower is where you can find the most luxurious botique stalls of Kuala Lumpur is situated, where well known item brands in the world can be bought here like Louis Vuitton and Longines and this is called Suria KLCC mall.  

    Since I could not afford those branded items we look around and found Parksons where prices are at least affordable.  They also have branded stuff inside that are on sale, like Tommy Hillfiger, Calvin Klein, Diesel.  I bought a pair of Diesel pants worth Php850.00 or around 53 Ringgit.  

    In front of the mall is an open park where anybody can relax, unwind, just sit around and watch the fountain in the middle or stroll around to look some of the sky scraper buildings around.

      Most of the hotels situated near Petronas Towers are in the category of three to five star hotel and one of their service to their guests is this ride to and from KLCC mall to their hotel.

Station 22 for KL hop-on hop-off bus
      We reached to station 22 to wait for the arrival of the bus to go to our next destination.  Station 22 is the last station so the next station is back to number 1 which is Malaysia Tourism Center, but we jumped off to KL Tower as our next stop point.

KL Tower
     KL Tower is one of the tallest media telecommunication tower in the world. The antenna on top measures 1,381 feet high and the roof is 1,099 feet high.  The rooftop could be reached by an elevator which is so fast that we couldn't imagine that when we stepped on the lift it did not last for more than two minutes and the elevator man announced that its time to step out of the door.

     Before we entered the elevator going to the rooftop, we waited on the second floor to pay for the entrance fee at around 38 Ringgit which would start accepting viewers by 11:00 a.m.  We stayed for several minutes because visitors going up are by batch so while waiting we tour around and we saw an open garden on the second floor and went stall to stall searching for some memorabilia to buy.  We also dine at a restaurant there and I ordered something which is not common in the Philippines.  And I saw in their menu a lamb steak and that what I ordered.  And it tasted good, the meat was so tender and juicy and at last I was able to eat lamb meat.

     On the viewing deck it was a breath taking scene of the whole Kuala Lumpur city in a 360 degree view if you walk around the deck. It was just cloudy on that day that's why the buildings on the far view are vague.

     I could already see the top of Petronas Tower top across the KL tower view deck. 

     Below KL tower is a mini zoo which is included in the entrance fee we paid for, most of the animals I have seen are reptiles and birds.  And this bird is worth 5 Ringgit per photo.

    We proceeded to the bus after KL tower and we passed by Chinatown, the place is distinctive of Chinese environment because of its building's colors that are light and vibrant with red as the prominent color that I observed Chinese often use.

     We stepped out again from our bus at Kuala Lumpur National Palace which is limited only to outside of the gate public viewing.  Even so, we were able to see many tourist flocking outside having some photos of themselves so it was difficult to take picture alone with the soldier in uniform outside the gate.  There were two of them just standing there without any movement and refrained from talking to anybody.

     Do you know why there are so many people in here standing? They are waiting for their turn to get a ticket to Petronas Tower Sky bridge. It was nice looking at those people having different race and culture from different walks of life peacefully and patiently waiting for their turn on the line.  I was amazed by this scene which I hope all nations are united in one direction.

   The following day we tried our luck to set foot on the sky bridge because there are no more available tickets when we first got there.  We got there 7:00 a.m. but the line was already long and the concierge will start allowing visitors to go up the sky bridge by 9:00 a.m.  So I practically endured the 2 hours standing of waiting on line and the sad part was that when it was my time to get our tickets the available slots are already 1:00 p.m. onwards and the problem was we have to leave Kuala Lumpur by 2:00 p.m. for our scheduled bus going to Singapore with depart at that time.

     So I guess Petronas Towers we will be seeing again soon, and next time we will ensure we will be able to set foot inside that sky bridge.

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