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October 27, 2013

Family staycation in Canyon Woods and food tripping in Tagaytay

View of Taal Volcano from RMS Restaurant
Tagaytay overlooking Taal Volcano

    At long last! Our vacation pushed through which was postponed for several times due to bad weather caused by typhoons the previous months and followed by my kids’ first trimester exams last month so it took us 4 months since we purchased the vacation package from an online website store.  It was actually a 2 days stay in Canyon Woods located in Laurel, Batangas.  We got it at 50% off which was originally priced at Php6,000.00 but it can only be used on regular days so my husband and I had to leave for work as well as my kids from their school. 

Lunch at RMS Restaurant, Tagaytay City
Lunch at RMS Restaurant in Tagaytay City

     Since the location of Canyon Woods is near Tagaytay we took the chance to stop over for awhile to have a look on Taal volcano and savor the cool weather and relaxing atmosphere.  We left the house at 10:00 a.m. just in time to have our lunch in Tagaytay and of course our target to eat is the best and known food in Tagaytay, no other than Bulalo! Because we have not visited Tagaytay for almost 10 years because it’s always on our least priority to visit, and my children’s first time to step on Tagaytay, we cannot locate the restaurant we used to dine for Bulalo, I think it was Butchay’s, back then it was easy to locate because there were few Bulalo restaurant along Aguinaldo Hi-way, and now there were several of them with bold signage of “the best Bulalo” and we ended up eating in RMS Lutong Bahay Restaurant.

Al fresco dining area of RMS Restaurant in Tagaytay
Al fresco dining area of RMS Restaurant in Tagaytay

     Because the restaurant is nice and overlooking to Taal Volcano we were surprised that it was near 3:00 p.m., which should be our check-in time to Canyon Woods so we left after a few more photo shots in and out of the restaurant.  It took us about 20 minutes travelling Aguinaldo Hi-way to the zig zag road to Laurel, Batangas.  It was our first time to reach that place and it was not difficult to find it because along the road there are several signage of the resort and the entrance gate has a big signage and there are no other resorts yet along the highway of Laurel from the intersection of Aguinaldo going to Nasugbu.  Canyon Woods is a residential condominium resort so the guards on the main gate are restricting any visitors who are coming inside with arranged reservation so we presented to them our voucher.  The road from the main gate is down slope and we passed another gate before we were able to see some of the modern design Victorian type residential houses nicely built in a row.

Canyon Woods main entrance along Laurel road, Batangas
Main gate of Canyon Woods along Laurel, Batangas

Road going down to the Peak
Road going down to the residences and Hotel

Two Twin size bed inside Canyon Woods hotel
Two twin size bed inside the hotel

     The condominium hotel is located at the back of the Club House which they named as “The Peak”.  We we’re able to check-in at 4:00 p.m. and upon checking in our room on the second floor and placing our luggage in their proper places we went to the pool because the children are so eager to swim and enjoy the rest of the afternoon splashing and submerging in the 4 feet deep pool which is open only until 6:00 p.m.  The swimming pool  is on the first floor and it’s free to use but there are extra fees for the use of swimming caps and towels which they will provide for you, because the towel inside the rooms are not allowed to be use in the pool area.  The water in the pool is so cold that’s why my toddler was trembling in coldness so most of the time I am carrying her and embracing her to keep her warm, we were the only person swimming on the elevated pool situated in the middle of the 3 adjacent buildings and good thing there were few bookings on that day or else they might get disturbed with my children’s noises with their laughs and giggles while playing in the pool.

Complete setting of Standard Room inside Canyon Woods hotel
Standard room for four persons

Toilet set up of standard room for 4 of Canyon Woods Hotel
Nice and clean toilet but there's no bidet, with hot and cold shower, hair dryer, bath soap and shampoo and clean towels.

Inside pool of Canyon Woods hotel
Inside pool at first floor of the hotel 

     We don’t feel like eating dinner at the Club House which is open until 8:00 p.m. so we went out again to Tagaytay to discover another restaurant to eat.  Our restaurant in mind is Merben’s restaurant, we were curious about it because it is known in Tagaytay that serves the best Tapa menu which satisfied our discriminating tastes.   After having our dinner we went back in our hotel as it was already 9:30 p.m. and before going back in our room we drove around inside Canyon Woods, we usually do that when we are new in a place we usually go around without any specific place to go to just joy riding and enjoying the view of what’s around weather it’s a view of nature or houses, and in this case were viewing both – the nice houses in a nice nature view.  Most of the houses are really big as in three story houses which are privately owned but most are unoccupied because they were acquired by the owners as their vacation houses.

Mer-Ben's Restaurant Tagaytay City
Mer-Ben restaurant in Tagaytay City

Single detached house inside Canyon Woods
Small single detached residential house in front of the Hotel

     When we had seen enough we proceeded to the hotel and stayed in the lounge to use the free wi-fi internet which is limited only that area, so better bring your own wireless USB broadband if you brought you laptops or use your smart phone’s 3G when you’re inside the hotel’s room.  Our last thing we did that night was watched a movie “Mummy 4” from our room’s cable TV which was already on its half story and after finishing it at past 12 noon we dozed off to sleep.

     This is a part 1 of our 2 days vacation in Canyon Woods and food tripping in Tagaytay, so till next time ... thanks for reading this post! 

Canyon Woods Residential Resort location map

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