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November 29, 2013

5 Cheap Thrilling Actions In Dubai During Winter

     On a shoestring budget you can enjoy a rich Dubai trip this winter season. There is variety to enjoy and that are truly priceless. Now the winter evening will never make you sad instead you have many options to avail during the sunny day or at the dark nights. For most of us budget remains quite a big hindrance when we think of any outdoor activity but by keeping within the budget limitation you can have a great time in Dubai.
What cheap thrilling actions you can enjoy in Dubai during the winter season, you can read the following lines.

Dazzling Desert Trip

   Winter is an ideal time to go for the desert trip. You can enjoy the dune bashing, dune buggy riding and desert driving. Although all of these actions are full of thrills and adventure but you never had such experiences before. This will be truly an exciting trip of sunny day as well as glittering night. Relish your taste buds with the hot BBQ, sweet desserts, soups and fragrant Arabic tea. There are several companies which are providing the cheap desert trip with maximum fun in Dubai, so you just need to explore them.

Mountain Biking

    Apparently this seems very simple and easy to run over the sandy surface. But it is a thrilling venture to move over the zig zag Hajjar mountains. Steep rocky hills are sometimes difficult to move but this can be a challenge to beat them.  So there is a mixture of anxiety when you are moving slowly by pushing back all the obstacles behind you. The feeling of freedom and inner excitement you will achieve from this thrilling venture is invincible. It is simple and very cost effective action that you can enjoy during your Dubai trip.


    Without paying any penny you can go for swimming in the fresh waters of Dubai. Visit any beach or seashore but if you are interested in the deep water swimming then you have to spend some money. But again there are several companies working in Dubai, through them you can rent a yacht inDubai along with required facilities that suits to your pocket.

Sand Boarding

     If you are a fond of snowboarding then certainly you will like the sand boarding in Dubai during the winter season. You just need a sand board for this action in a very reasonable price or your travelling company can provide it too. Do not go for the expensive option but just chill out in the scattered desert while making fun with sand boarding with your buddies.

     For water fans nothing can be cheaper than diving in the deep water of Dubai. Without any investment you will enjoy this pleasing action for unlimited time in the mild water.
There are many other cheap options you can avail during winter season like yachtcharter Dubai, dinning out, visiting glorious parks, sailing, kayaking, mountain climbing, dragon boating and water skiing etc.

Post written by Sheza Nehal, Content Writer and Traveler who lives in Dubai.

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