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November 6, 2013

Dining at Canyon Woods Pavilion with stunning view


   I have shown on my other post the room and pool of the hotel in Canyon Woods, and this time I am going to bring you to their Pavilion where we had our brunch.  It is detached from the hotel where it has its own building which can be reached by walking and you have an option if you would want to bring your own vehicle or arrange a vehicle at the reception to bring you there, one of their vehicles are golf carts parked outside the lobby of the hotel.

     The frontage of the Pavilion has a nice landscape filled and different trees can be seen around which made the surrounding cool and relaxing to the eyes.  A friendly  and homey ambiance greeted us when we entered the huge door opening and just after that a native design lounge set made of bamboo frame with big soft cushions are inviting to be seated on, but out hunger could not be set aside any longer and the clock says it was already 10:00 a.m. so we headed towards their dining area, which is large enough to accommodate in my estimation not less than 1,000 persons.  They have bar area adjacent to lounge area with grand piano on the side, buffet area in the middle, large dining and small dining sets, private dining areas at the sides.  We chose the table nearest the balcony where the view of Taal volcano can be seen and the cool breeze can be felt from the free flowing wind from the outside.

     When we were settled on our chosen seats we were approached by the waiter and showed their menu, my husband ordered Fried Tawilis, which is a kind of fish that are small, about 3 to 4 inches in length and a width of half an inch, this kind of fish could only be found in the lake of Taal.  For our kids we ordered American breakfast (bacon, egg, hash brown, bread and butter), Cereals and fresh fruits and for me, I ordered Filipino breakfast – Longsilog  (fried longaniza, sinangag or fried rice, itlog or egg)

Tawilis with fried rice and scrambled eggs Php250.00

American breakfast Php 250.00
Longsilog Php 250.00
Chocolate cereals Php180.00
     It was my first try to eat Tawilis, it is not salty like Danggit, Tuyo and Dilis.  It was crispy and easy to chew as the fish meat is soft inside, so it was perfect with its dipping made of white vinegar with salt and chopped chilies. I also tasted the American breakfast and all the food in the platter are perfectly cooked, all the fried food oil drained.  I just did not tasted the cereals because it was just those branded cereals which are available in the market including the milk in it.  You can see that the Longsilog is presented well on the platter, the longganisa tasted sweet with a bit of spice, although it taste good I prefer the likes of Lucban and Vigan longganisa which are meaty, spicy, salty and sour.

    After eating our hearty meal we went outside to the balcony and savored the fresh air and watched the natural beauty of lush greenery and the captivating view of Taal volcano which was covered at first with clouds, and as minutes gone by the whole scene came perfectly into view.   

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