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November 25, 2013

Best Places To Spend Christmas Holidays

     Honestly, I or we cannot enjoy ourselves during the holidays, what is left for the rest of the year? The Christmas holidays are the only time of year people truly let go of all their troubles and worries, and experience togetherness like never before! But is it all about the Holidays? Aren't we forgetting that it is the people we hang out with and the venue we celebrate in that really puts smiles on our faces? So, what is the best place to spend the Christmas holidays? Well, that depends if you are single or not. Let's take both scenarios into consideration and draw our conclusions form there.

Spending Christmas By Yourself

     There is nothing wrong with spending Christmas alone. As a matter of fact, if I had a choice I would spend all holidays alone, just because it is so much fun! So, what can you do that will humor the necessity to acknowledge that this holiday even exists? Personally I would go to a  casino. There is nothing more fun than watching deadbeat dads squander away their “presents for the family” fund. Or if you find gambling boring, you can always strut around your local mall, picking up where the holiday shoppers left off. But nothing really says Christmas more than working part-time as Santa. When at the mall, you can inquire about available positions – the pay is good and hey, you are not doing anything better, so why not make a few extra bucks while you have the chance.

Spending Christmas With the Family

     Oh my, another year has went by, like it wasn't even there in the first place. But that is not all bad news, at least not for the kids. And if you have any kids you should know that if you screw up this holiday, your children will never forgive you, but most importantly they will never forget. They will even make it their business to see you in a retirement home when they grow up. That means that choosing the right location to celebrate the birth of Jesus, is crucial for the overall game plan of your latter years.

At Home

    When celebrating Christmas, why bother spending most of your savings going somewhere, when you can have an almost decent Christmas, in the comfort of your home? Dress the place up a little. Glue some reindeer and a fat 'ol Santa to the front side of your home. Get a big, big, big Christmas tree and have the kids decorate it. The possibilities are endless, but more importantly, the price is right.

At a Resort

     Take you family out for a nice lodging out in the woods. Rent a cabin somewhere and experience what being a lumberjack is all about. You can go skiing; ride a snow mobile and all those wonderful things that come only once a year. There are some fantastic resorts and depending on your purchasing power, they can vary between luxury suits and rustic, old-time cabins. But when you are with your family, does it really matter how good the accommodations are? Trust me, the kids wouldn't mind sleeping in a wooden shack if it had a fireplace.  Just make sure to book a room in advance, for overcrowding is a serious problem this time of year.

Author Bio: Jack is traveler and explorer. He works as a CEO of  and has a lot of free time to travel.

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