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December 19, 2013

Best hotel to stay in Lake Garda Italy

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     If you happen to visit the lake Garda in Italy you may want to consider  booking your stay in this newly renovated hotel and restaurant in Caprino Veronese called Albergo al Vignol.  The website is default in Italian but thanks to Google it will translate it for you.  From my search for others who reviewed this hotel it has a high regard and recommendation by most tourists who have already stayed at that hotel. 

     This hotel Gardaland has newly renovated rooms to give the most comfortable experience and best service for their visitors during their stay.  Check the rates on the website to see what suit your needs.  The room’s painting and interior look modern but still has the touch of Italian design as it is still evident in their furniture and furnishings.  Italian furniture has those carvings and moldings on the edges and nicely finished with lacquer.  The hotel has a restaurant inside so you don’t have to go far to search for somewhere to dine, you can also savor your food while eating at their al fresco dining area.

     Albergo al Vignol is one of the hotels near Gardaland, the historic and popular amusement park in the world with millions of visitors coming in to have fun and be adventurous in riding on the themed roller coasters, the first is more subtle with the archeological expedition in the middle of the ice which is best for almost ages and the second is more adventurous with twist and loop ride.  If your not the adventurous type there’s this underwater world with attractive aquatic creatures you can entertain yourself with.

     Not only that the hotel is located near amusement parks it is an ideal location close to Lake Garda where you can enjoy the breathtaking view of the nature’s serene lake, the captivating landscapes of hills and mountains and get fascinated with the ancient villages, castles and old house which seems you were transported back in time when life then was simpler and the people were living in a laid back stature.

     If you want to experience nature, adventure, history and night life in an environment that could give everything and satisfy your passion in travel, you should include Lake Garda in your must visit place to travel.   


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