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December 8, 2013

Dive Point Alcoy: Best Resort Near Oslob Whale Shark Watching

Swimming with the sharks in Oslob - Dive Point Alcoy Resort
Swimming with the sharks in Oslob

    The once sleepy seaside town in southern Cebu has awakened in recent years. What used to be a secret among travelers and a weekend escape for some has now attracted many visitors both locally and internationally. Southern Cebu has a rich natural beauty specifically its beaches, diving and colonial churches. Perhaps, the most famous is whale shark watching in the town of Oslob.

     Oslob has snatched Donsol, Sorsogon, the “ Whale Shark Capital of the Philippines” with more and more tourists prefer to experience this interaction in Cebu rather than in Sorsogon. Visitors can expect whale sharks in every visit and Cebu has many resorts in and around Oslob.

     To maximize your experience, it is highly recommended to spend a few days in Cebu’s southern coast.  And where should you stay for your whale shark watching in Oslob? How about spending it in Alcoy where there are many resorts with complete amenities?

Alcoy as base camp

     Alcoy is one of the closest towns of Oslob and it will take less than 30 minutes if you wish to contact local operators in Oslob. Likewise, Alcoy is also the nearest southern town from Cebu City. Perfect for those who wish to avoid long land transfer and reserve their energy for the activities waiting for them.

     One of Alcoy’s top resorts is Dive Point Alcoy. Dive Point Alcoy is the most modern resort in the area as it is a diving center. By offering diving courses and tours, you know that this establishment is complete with facilities and amenities to provide both comfort and convenience for all guests.

   Enjoy everything that southern Cebu has to offer when you book your holidays at Dive Point Alcoy. Of course, this includes Oslob Whale Shark Watching. This is highly recommended for guests who want to secure safety while interacting with these gentle giants.

Whale Shark Watching with Dive Point Alcoy

     At Dive Point Alcoy, you will be taken care by professional staff and modern facilities -from the slightest detail of your life vest to the type of boat we will be using for the “meet and greet” whale shark watching in Oslob.

     As a diving center in Cebu, the resort can be cost-effective for those who want to dive and include whale shark watching. Diving and boating trips are scheduled to have a stop in front of Sumilon Island to check for black-tip sharks and of course, the whale sharks.

     Resorts near Oslob that offer whale shark watching is also great for those who want to avoid the crowd especially during peak season. If you want to have a serene interaction and avoid those flippers from other visitors, sign up for this trip at resorts like Dive Point Alcoy. And since, it is more personalized, you can be assured that you will be taking home great photos minus extra photo bombers from other tourists.

     Staying in resorts near Oslob is a great idea for an extended vacation after your whale shark watching experience. Likewise, whale shark watching will always be part of side trips offered to all guests.

     Enjoy one of the most exciting marine interactions in the hands of professional staff and modern-day resorts. Book your holidays at Dive point Alcoy now!

This post is written by Edgar Mirambel, a freelance travel agent and online marketing consultant of Dive Point Alcoy.

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