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December 22, 2013

How to Travel with Kids in a Happy Mood?

Kids on car

   Travelling with kids is always a daunting task. The kids are very reactive and they can create a mess while going to some new place. But with some efforts you can prevent your travel from being a nightmare. You have to keep your trip a simple to avoid tiredness. You know that kids get exhausted immediately. Taking care of kid’s mood will help you to avoid the tension during the travel. Here are some ideas which can keep your kids happy and in turn you will be happy.

Prepare and involve them

     If your kids are bit older start preparing their mind that we are going somewhere. Involve them in your planning and ask them what they would like to on this travel. This warm up will excite them and they will be happy at travelling. Remember that if you are taking your kid without his consent you are letting yourself in real nightmare.

Keep number of family games with you:

     Keep a number of family games with you when you are going to travel for long. They will help engage your kids in case of waiting for a train or delayed flight. The games like alphabet game, paddle and punch buggy will serve the purpose best.

Give them a diary to write:

     Keep a diary in your luggage and give it to your kid when you board on your car or train. Ask him to write the things that interest him during the journey. You will see that kid will write each and everything about the new place. He will be excited by new things and will love to write them on his notebook.

Keep snacks with you:

     You don’t know when your child’s tummy will call you. As a precaution keep some snacks with you to handle their time-to-time popping hunger. Having something to feed them will make you relax and tension free.


     When your child starts frowning give him a book to read. Keep various books with you like the favorite story book of your kid, some comic books or teenage magazines with you to entertain your kid. If your kid loves reading then books will definitely please him. You can also take the Sudoku or word building game to keep your kids busy.

Selfie in car
Selfie inside the car

Give them camera:

     Kids love to have a camera in their hand allowing them to take maximum clicks on their favorite things. Ask them to take photos of the places or things they like while travelling. After your trip ends, you can get the images on canvasprints cheap taken by your kid to decorate your wall with beautiful memories.

Techie kid

Use different apps:

     Be app’y while travelling with kids. Modern kids cannot live without the new gadgets and devices. You can get benefit of their liking by having a device full of games and other stuff for them to play. It is a must have thing when travelling with kids.


     The travel will remain boring without some music. Ask your kids to give you the list of their favorite songs. Get a portable DVD player and record all the songs in it for your kids. They will love them and will enjoy the travel in a happy mood.

Take short breaks:

     If you are travelling on your personal car then do take short breaks at different spots. Stop at the places your kids are asking for. Go for ice cream or a chocolate during the short breaks. It will keep your kids happy and you will be satisfied.

     These are the tips which can make your travel with kid a real fun and adventure. Follow these and have fantastic vacations.

About the Author: AtiqUr Rehman is professional independent information technology provider. He writes on gardening, home decoration and photography.

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