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December 18, 2013

Lake Garda - Italy's nature tourist attraction

Lake Garda in Italy
Photo from Flickr

     The first things that come to my mind when we speak about Italy are the famous historical structures like the Leaning Tower of Pisa and Colloseum for its popularity amongst tourist plus it was taught and included in class subject in literature during high school.  Little do I  know about Italy’s nature attraction until I came across the top ten most visited places in Italy which is Lake Garda the biggest lake in Italy located in the Northern region.

      One website which I took for reference that specifically discuss about lake Garda Italy discusses about the sightseeing and other things to do while a tourist is in there.  It also suggests the best accommodation that would suit the budget with some highlights of what to expect in there.  There is live weather information that would guide the tourist if its good to do windsurfing and sailing on a particular day. A road map is also included in the website to guide tourists on how to get there and to calculate the proximity of each village.  There’s a tourist information page where flights can be checked on to the nearest airports and available airlines. If you choose to travel by land there is a page on airport bus schedule and contact information, you can navigate more travel info on schedule of train from the UK and where to get taxi and bus for a transfer to Lake Garda.

      Check out also the photos of Lake Garda attractions which will keep you wanting to see more as those that are presented are already breathtaking so how much more if you get to the place.  As the photos already foretold an idyllic location with fun and so much adventure to explore into.  Some of the hotels are over viewing the serene lake with surfing enthusiasts and sightseers on the boat are traversing the calm lake.

     If you want to know more about Lake Garda and what it could offer, you can check this website -  

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