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December 28, 2013

My First Trip To Thailand: Exploring A Different Culture

Thai kids in colorful local dress
Thai kids in colorful local dress
     With its beautiful scenery, rich culture, colorful markets and interesting people, Thailand is a great place to visit. Each year there are millions of travelers who excitedly visit the country and discover its incredible sights. Once you experience the spirit of Thailand, you wouldn't want to leave. This is exactly how I felt about this place. I had always wanted to visit the country, see its golden beaches, experience wildlife, see Big Buddha in Phuket and all the rest of the tourist attractions this lovely place offer. But once I went there, I realized all
these were just a small part of what forms Thailand as such a unique place. A funny ride on a tuk-tuk, street food, Thai massage, elephants, crocodile wrestling, handmade-craft markets, tribe villages and many more are some of the factors which make Thailand a place that is a must to see. I'd love to introduce you to Thailand through my eyes, hoping you will be touched by the incomparable vibe this place gives.

     I was thrilled to go to Thailand. I consider myself a traveler and everywhere I go, I find something interesting to remember. But my trip to Thailand was much more than that. It gave me a unique feeling as I had the chance to experience their culture. It's always amazing to explore a different culture, mingle with people and get in contact with them, see the way they live and become part of their lives even for a while. This is what makes a trip unique and my time in Thailand was undoubtedly a moment to remain in my memory forever. There are several things that I had the opportunity to experience on my trip and I'd like to share them with you.

Chatuchak Weekend Market in Bangkok

     You can find basically anything in this market. Every weekend, there are thousands of people selling food, clothes, animals and anything else you can think of. It's a super busy place and it depends on each person whether they'd like or hate the market. One thing I found out was that photos should not be taken there, since some of the animals are illegally sold. Also, in case you visit the market, make sure you keep your wallet and passport in an inner pocket since there might be people who try to steal.

     Another nice market to visit is a floating one. Floating markets are quite an attraction and mostly visited by tourists. You can enjoy tasty food and drinks while having a boat trip near Bangkok.

Thai Massage

     Everyone has heard of this great therapy. Thai massage can be quite rough but there are different types to suit people's needs. Although I was aware of the fact that a standard Thai massage doesn't look like any ordinary massage that I'd ever had before, I was into the idea to try it and it was indeed a bit painful. At some point the masseur used her elbows, which hurt me a little but the result were great. It was super relieving and I almost felt like a butterfly.

Street Food

     Street food in Thailand has two faces – it can be super delicious or very disgusting, depends on how far a person is willing to go when experiencing with food. To get a portion of fruit, for example, is very cheap and tasty. But how about roasted bugs? You can buy a portion of cockroaches with garlic. Some travelers say it's actually tasty but I never tried it.


     A tuk-tuk ride is a great experience when visiting Thailand. They aren't cheaper than taxis and at the same time are very noisy and much more dangerous but in case you decide to try it, you'll love it. A tuk-tuk should be better booked in advance, knowing your destination, otherwise if you get on a tuk-tuk in the street, the driver will most probably rip you off with the price.

     Thailand is a place to experience. Its spirit, culture and people are what make it a unique place which has to be on every traveler's list of dream destinations.

Author Bio: Jack Sheamus loves to travel around the globe. He works as a manager of and earns enough money to travel a lot.

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