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December 23, 2013

Tailor made safari tour

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                Most travel packages I have encountered on the website offered by travel agencies are fixed itineraries that would often lead me to dropping down the travel package because there were locations or activity included that I am not interested in joining which constituted in the package cost. Because of this, me and my family would often resort to online search for every possible most sought after tourist site and with the high number of positive reviews and by doing this it would take some time to end up with a nice itinerary that would fit
our common interest and of course our budget.  But sometimes when you come up with your own itinerary there were problems that would arise when you are already there, like communication barrier with the locals, transportation on the site is not always available so you either shell-out an extra cost to get an expensive transport to bring you to your next itinerary and worst if you have limited budget so you will stick to it by waiting for the next available ride and just drop an itinerary on the list to keep up with others on the list that has time restrictions and these are only some of the dilemmas that we have encountered when trying to come up with our own itinerary without the help of the right persons or locals that has familiarity with that location.

                In some of my travels which some were in my blog, I guess to encounter an animal especially distinct only to that place is a must and an overwhelming experience because those were rare phenomenon of what we usually encounter in our homeland.  While those of what we have visited were just a partial interaction with rare animal species because you only have an hour or so to interact with them we also somehow would like to have a broader encounter with those wild animals on the field watching them freely in their own habitat. 

                One website that I have encountered that I find interesting is this tailor made Safari Uganda travel tour.  It is a primate tour which specializes in organizing private tailor-made safaris in Uganda founded by Jacque van Rooij-Kamau and Jeroen van Rooij that both have expertise in this kind of tour as their combined experience in a different field in sales management and booking operator for lodges were used to come up with this unique idea.  You can check their site at to know more about the safari adventure in Uganda which has pre-planned itineraries from 3 days up to 10 day itinerary plan and from there you can tailor-fit your itinerary with the add-ons you can include in your tour.                  

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