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January 4, 2014

Choose the perfect accommodation for rent in Spain

   I was surprised to find out that Spain’s main tourism was generated from their summer resorts and beaches, that is because I was browsing this website – and their accommodations offerings are mostly near the beach, so when I located Spain on the map it shows there that it is surrounded by long stretches of coasts from the Mediterranean Sea and Atlantic ocean.  So when I find out about it my curiosity and interest to visit Spain grew further because I love nature specifically beaches and this website has introduced me to more regions in Spain that are never familiar to me before. 

    The regions are arranged alphabetically on the home page and when I selected a region from the list it presented me the best available accommodation based on price and there I also had an idea on how the interior looks like based on the photo and description of the available amenities and facilities they offer.  This is helpful for me for a would be traveler in that area.    

    Usually when I book an accommodation in one place I always look and calculate the distance from its location to the nearest airport, and from there I would plot an itinerary of the places I would be visiting, the website already has this including the temperature, transportation, popular tourist destinations and approximate distance from one town to another. 

    There’s only one thing that I did not find on the website which I now see on other websites that have the same offering, it’s the review or comment section where person who already tried booking on that place would share their experience during their stay.

   Overall the website has presented the accommodations in a manner that it could easily be understood and navigate which a beginner or not adept in using computer can find it user friendly.  


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