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February 15, 2014

Discovering Istria: The Heart of the Peninsula


    For many travelers who visited Istria the remarks they would give would be positive such as a beautiful and charming place to visit.  Certainly not a typical tourist destination where the crowds are smaller, a quaint tourist attraction that would strike your curiosity to explore more of its Mediterranean beauty.

Istria, Croatia

ISTRIA by Wolfgang Wildner
Photos from Flickr

     If you look at its map, Istria looks like a heart shape dangling pendant and what’s interesting about it is its geographical location, situated in the southeast of Europe and nestled between the Gulf of Trieste, Adriatic Sea and Kvarner Gulf.  You can just imagine that the coastal resorts draw tourists to relax and enjoy the beaches with the weather that is almost sunny whole year round.  

     Other highlights and attractions of Istria includes the famous Roman amphitheatre in Pula, which is the most popular city in the region.  On the northwest coast of Istria lies the Basilica of Euphrasius which is a UNESCO world heritage site.  A walking tour at the cobbled alleyways of the old town of Rovinj sightseeing the baroque buildings and terraces that would bring you back into the centuries  ago.  Groznjan known as the town of artists has been one of the favorite destination to witness the Medieval town walls and the galleries and ateliers of the Groznjan artists.  Hiking and trekking activity are also a common healthy activity for those who want to see the natural beauty around while hiking or walking as there are numerous walking trails around the peninsula. 

   Travelling is incomplete without finding out the best food and the best gastronomic experience that the place has to offer.  Well, for this, Istria could boast of the most expensive truffle they produced which is the white truffle and the highest quality among other countries. You can check out the listings in Local restaurants menu which offer some of the finest truffle dishes in town.  

     With varied things to do and sites to discover it would be perfect to choose a holiday house or apartment that would suit your needs and budget for your longer stay in Istria.  You can check with   

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