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February 24, 2014

Guide on where to stay in Vodice, Croatia

Vodice is a coastal town in Croatia with a few population approximately around ten thousand in numbers.  Because of its natural beauty and great location that claimed a large bayside, most tourists are visiting Vodice to take their time for a holiday in the beaches that has crystal clean water, white sands and colorful pebbles lying around those sands. Tourists can also enjoy island hopping with the taxi boats that can be hired at the bay. 

Tourists looking for accommodation can check, it will refer you to different accommodation type such as apartments, villas and hotels. The website has a rundown of the list of events in Vodice for tourists to calendar their visit for a particular event.  List of attractions and best beaches is also highlighted on their website and there’s also their suggested active vacation and day excursion from Vodice which could be included in a tourist’ itinerary.

There are several lists of towns nearby like Srima, Tribunj and Kaprije, these were only a few I have mentioned on their line-up that has also a rundown of tourist guides and information which you could navigate on the website for those who wants to consider visiting other towns near Vodice if you tourists has a long days vacation.

Tourists would never run out of things to do in Vodice and its nearby town so better find a holiday house or an apartment that would suit you and would fit your lifestyle when you are in Vodice.

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