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February 21, 2014

Unleash your fantasy with Underwater Phantaseas

San Juan, Batangas

     I love the beach! And there is nowhere I find solitude rather than this place.  But what’s ironic about it is that I am not a good swimmer and until now I still have butterflies in my stomach every time I swim in the beach and maybe because I lack the proper training.  If I got the proper training in swimming and scuba diving I might have that confidence to swim even in the deepest part of the sea until where I can hold my breath.

     Summer month is coming next month so I guess I really have to push through with my fantasy to swim deep into the sea beyond two meters.  I know it’s funny, but really, that’s the deepest I ever reached down under the sea.  There were so many instances that I did say no, when the chance to scuba dive was there even when I know that there are professional divers offering their service.  I could have explored and meet and played with Nemo at Balicasag island in Bohol, San Juan Batangas and Boracay.

    There’s this full service travel agency called UnderwaterPhantaseas that focus on Dive, Snorkel and Adventure Travel.  These people are professionals when it comes to scuba diving, they teach beginners to advance to a professional level and what’s good is that they travel around the world to reach out to those who want to learn the basics and techniques in scuba diving.  Check their website at check the nearest country destination where they will conduct a group trip.  Here in the Philippines Underwater Phantaseas will be on a 10 day sea exploration in the Southern Visayas by liveaboard on September 9-24, 2014.  The Divemasters assures that all dive sites will be world class with abundant marine life suitable for all ages and photography enthusiasts.

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