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October 22, 2014

Sightseeing Matutinao River and Kawasan Falls in Badian Cebu

Kawasan falls

It was still early in the afternoon after our Moalboal adventure and we wanted to explore the most we could visit in Southern Cebu.  Badian is the next town after Moalboal which has 11 kilometers distance and about thirty minutes travel time from Moalboal lies one of the tourist spots in Cebu which is Kawasan Falls.

When we arrived at the entrance gate there were line up of tourists both local and foreign waiting for their turn to get an entrance ticket where adults has to pay Php 15.00 each and children Php 5.00 each.  The payment is for the environmental fee for the maintenance and protection of the park.

We trailed the long road for about 15 to 20 minutes going to the falls.  The path is sandy and pebbled which was difficult for me because I was not wearing thick soles footwear that I was always left behind as I was careful in my every step not to scrape the sand which can get in between the holes of my footwear.   

The path is situated in between a forested mountain and Matutinao river with clear waters rushing smoothly on the river bed.  My eyes got fixated on the river while we were walking which got me amused by its sparkling blue water that would glisten on a slope with the blaze of the sun.  I was really mesmerized by its charm as I seldom see a clean river, beyond comparison with the rivers that I usually see in Metro Manila that is black and full of dirt.

Several times we crossed the river on a footbridge where we had a perfect view of the shallow water running silently and we could see through the different sizes of stones lying underneath the clear waters.  We were able to take a photo of the ducks swimming in the river.

The path ended in our final destination, the Kawasan waterfalls.  The view was even more captivating and inviting when we saw the people on the raft enjoying the cool waterfalls while the others were having fun swimming, it was then that I felt the perspiration flowing down from my forehead when we stopped walking.  We just enjoyed a short snack while sightseeing the Kawasan falls, although we had extra clothes we decided just to stay in the cottage because it was already late in the afternoon and we had to leave while there was light as there is no lighting along the long path going back to the entrance gate, and it was not in our itinerary to stay there for long as we have to go back to the city and tomorrow will be heading to our next itinerary plan.  

If you plan to experience the waterfalls you have to pay Php 300.00 per person plus the rental of life vests.  They also offer overnight stay accommodation ranging from Php 1,500 to Php 2,500.00 per night.  If you will just stay for a day a cottage rent would cost Php 500.00.

Check out below on how you can book this tour:

Kawasan Falls Day Tour from Cebu - $192.14
Enjoy a scenic drive along the south coastal road of Carcar followed by a short walk uphill to the waterfalls. A cozy trek... A peaceful river... A gentle hush of rushing ice cool water, all this and more in Kawasan Falls! You will surely enjoy the cool and deep fresh water and everything around just seems so relaxed, simple and very serene. Just nature as it should be.

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