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October 15, 2014

Why you should travel to Grinell Iowa

Grinell Bank
Photo credit to Flickr photos

Grinell Iowa is one of the smallest towns in U.S. with a total population of nearly 10,000 but this town has a lot to offer to tourists that Grinell Iowa hotels would attest in terms of the number of travelers in this humble town that visit them the whole year round.

A far cry from the hustle and bustle of the Metropolis flaunting its skyscrapers, magnificent city lights at night, trendy people on the go, fashionable wears and flashy cars that reflects a modern urban city.  Grinell on the other hand is notable for its arts and culture, the town prided themselves with this architectural treasure at the historic downtown designed by Louis Sullivan, which is called National Historic Landmark Grinnel Sullivan building and the 1914 building made of bricks designed in the Midwest is the Merchant National Bank.   

The Grinell College houses the Faulconer Gallery which presents exhibitions of regional, national and international art with more than 6,000 collections into the exhibit.
Other than those historic sites and memorabilia, they also boast of 11 public parks for recreation, two lakes for fishing and outdoor activities that anyone could enjoy.

With so much to see and things to do in Grinell Iowa, a good and comfortable accommodation and budget friendly hotel is what any traveler is aiming for.

Here I have listed Seven Things to remember in finding an accommodation to guide your search:

  1. Comfortable beds and bathroom.
  2. Basic amenities such as hot and cold shower, spa, gym, indoor pool.
  3. Proximity to nearby establishments like restaurants, laundry shops, computer shops, hospitals.
  4. Tourist spots
  5. Accessible to any transportation
  6. Peaceful surroundings
  7. Price

You can check out Comfort Inn and Suites if you are travelling to Grinell.  Located at 1630 West Street South NE Side, Grinnell, IA, US, 501121630. Contact number: 641-236-5236. 

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