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November 12, 2014

Taco Bell's newest menu: Meaty Grillers

Taco Bell Gateway Mall Express Outlet

After the two events that I had attended, this time I tried attending a food tasting event, and it was a foodie meet-up organized by Zomato and Taco Bell wherein I am one of the lucky thirty bloggers who got invited to taste and review Taco Bell’s newest addition to their famous burritos – TACO BELL MEATY GRILLERS, it has layers of meat and other flavorful ingredients all wrapped in a tortilla and grilled which is good enough for lunch or dinner as it is heavy in the stomach.

Taco Bell Meaty Grillers comes in two variants:

Chili Cheese Potato Griller

Loaded with Chili beef, Jalapeno cheddar cheese sauce, potato bites, and flour tortilla.
Chili Cheese Potato Griller

Pork Steak ‘N Onion

With Fiesta Rice, Pork BBQ Toppings, Pepper Jack sauce, Diced onions and flour tortilla.
Pork Steak 'N Onion

When I have tasted the two variants I cannot decide which one is more delicious than the other because both have a distinct taste that satisfied my palate.  When I ate up half of each, oh boy! My stomach was already full and I couldn’t even finish eating the Taco that comes when you order a combo meal.

Meaty Griller Combo

Taco Bell offers it in a combo meal at a price of Php149.00 which comes with any choice of Chili Cheese Potato Griller or Pork Steak ‘N Onion Griller with Crunchy Taco (Corn taco shell filled with seasoned beef, crispy shredded lettuce and cheddar cheese) and Drink.   A savings of Php 14.00 for ordering a combo meal plus your big appetite will get satiated, how about that? It can also be ordered a la carte at Php 85.00.

Crunchy Taco and burrito
My family and I have been a fan of Taco Bell for years now that’s why I got so excited when I was chosen to taste their newest menu.  My personal favorites amongst their menu are Cheese Quesadilla, Chicken Quesadillas which are best when dipped in their tasty tomato salsa and we never forget to order their crunchy Nachos with cheese for our appetizer.   

Taco Bell Philippines is a franchise solely owned and operated by the Philippine Pizza Inc. As of today, they have three branches located only in Quezon City. Two branches were situated inside Gateway Mall, Araneta Center, Cubao and the other one on the second level of Trinoma Mall in North Avenue, Quezon City.  Taco Bell has also 6 kiosks located inside the historic SMART-Araneta Coliseum. 

I am sure you will love the taste of their Tex-Mex menu once they branch out in your area, so watch out Amigos!    
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