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May 17, 2015

Lucban Quezon's famous Longaniza and Pancit

Longanisang Lucban
Longsilog at Buddy's Restaurant in Lucban

Lucban Longanisa and Pancit Habhab are the famous local food in Lucban, Quezon, that’s why when we visited Lucban in February we did not pass the chance to taste these foods where they originally has been renowned. 

After we paid a visit to the town’s church, St. Labrador Parish we started our quest for where to eat the best and authentic Lucban Longanisa and Pancit Habhab in town.  We had no idea where it could be and we bet that the best person to ask are the locals, which we did.  The first person we asked was a passerby outside the church, the second was a stall vendor and the third was a lady store owner.  They all gave us a similar answer - Buddy’s Restaurant located along the Lucban Highway.

Buddy's restaurant Lucban dining furniture
Wooden dining furniture at Buddy's Restaurant in Lucban

It was still early for lunch, but late for breakfast, but there were already several patrons inside.  To accommodate us all five, we settled in the corner dining area that has three dining benches.  It is facing the glass wall which gave us a full view outside, plus was cooler in that place since it is between two air conditioning units. We were seated in an almost perfect location, but the downside was that we had to endure the loud sound of music from the speaker near us.  I liked the music that they’re playing, It was that kind of Sunday music that my father also play, the oldies but goodies music from 60’s and 70’s, it’s just that the sound emanating from the speaker was a bit loud for us.  The two older men at the nearby table seemed to be enjoying the music as they sang along with the tune which halted us to complain at all.


Kiping decoration
Kiping adornment on ceiling

Colorful Kiping
Unique and classy furniture design

We were impressed at the interior of the restaurant’s unique and classy design that are laden with fine solid wood furniture and accents such as those balusters and carved cornice on the wall. The colorful Kiping on the ceiling and the sunflower adornment on seats and walls made the area vibrant and extraordinary.


Buddy’s restaurant has a wide array of food offerings on their menu, but we only ordered two items in their menu.

Ordering is at the counter and they will serve your order at your table when it was cooked.  It took time when our orders were served, about 20 to 30 minutes.  When the waiter served our order, it was really hot, as in hot from the grill. The presentation of the food was good as well.    

Pancit Habhab of Lucban
Pancit Habhab or Pancit Lucban

Pancit Habhab  or Pancit Lucban.  Originally, Pancit Habhab is eaten without utensil which is why it is served on a rolled banana leaf and should be sprinkled with vinegar.  But we ate it in a conventional way, also, it would be impossible because the serving is good for 2 to 3 persons.  

Lucban Longaniza – served with fried rice, egg (either scrambled or sunny side up) and Atchara. Their longanisa is bigger than what I usually buy from the grocery. It was crispy and spicy, it blends well when dipped in vinegar.  I liked the taste so much. 

If you would ask me if I will go back again to Buddy’s, my answer would be Yes! I will definitely go back and next time I will try their Buddy’s Pizza with Longanisang Lucban. 

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