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April 26, 2016

Unexpected Honeymoon Destinations You Should Go To!

After your big day, it’s amazing to head off on honeymoon with your new husband. A lot of people choose similar vacations such as New York, Paris or Rome for their break away. But why not choose something a bit different that you will love. Here are some unexpected honeymoon destinations you should go to.


A lot of people tend to go Australia during their gap year, or as a long family break, but not many people choose to go for their honeymoon. But Australia is a fantastic place which would be perfect. Sydney, in particular, is a great place to go together. It’s ideal for sightseeing, and there are so many shows on that you can see at Sydney Opera House. As we talked about previously, why not go on a romantic helicopter ride over the city. Or if you are feeling adventurous, perhaps you could try shark diving or even a Skywalk at Sydney Tower. Be prepared for the long plane ride there and back; at least you can talk about the wedding!


Morocco is a popular beach destination, but often people put it behind more traditional choices of Caribbean or Mexico. So for a unique honeymoon, you could visit magical Morocco. As well as the stunning beaches, there are amazing markets. And don’t forget to go on a camel ride. A lot of people visit Casablanca as it’s the capital of the country. But Marrakech is also a top choice.


If you want to go on an exciting honeymoon that you will never forget, you should consider heading to Kenya. It’s been named as one of the top honeymoondestinations because you get to see so many wild animals while you are there. You will go on a drive where you will see sights you will never forget; just don’t forget your camera. The hotels tend to be very luxurious too which is ideal for your honeymoon.


If you are a big fan of huge cities, Dubai could make a great honeymoon destination for you. A lot of people choose to go to New York or London, but Dubai is just as fantastic. The lights are beautiful, and there is a lot of sightseeing to do. If you love shopping, you will be in your element if you choose Dubai. As this article says, you do need to be aware that kissing could be a criminal offense if you do it in public, so stick to the bedroom for that!


A lot of people tend to choose somewhere really hot for their honeymoon, but why not go somewhere colder like Iceland. There is so much to see including the gorgeous Northern Lights. You should also go whale watching, and why not go for a romantic swim in the Blue Lagoon. As this article explains, you could hire a car and explore the area including the amazing hot springs.

These choices will enable you to both have an exciting and unique honeymoon!

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