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May 31, 2016

Summer getaway at Marites Homestay Blue Lagoon in Pagudpud

Just before summer comes to its close, I had an opportunity to visit Pagudpud for a weekend getaway with my daughter and her friend. This is the second time I visited Pagudpud, the first time was in 2013, when we had our Three day tour of Ilocos, and Pagudpud was just part of a day tour in our three day itinerary so we didn’t enjoy much the beach.  And so this time, I planned on beach bumming in Pagudpud.

Staying in Marites Homestay and Restaurant Blue Lagoon

As a busy mom, an overnight stay with me beside the beach would just be enough for me to relax and unwind from my busy daily schedule. I wasn’t looking for any fancy things in a place to stay just a homey ambiance, peaceful and quiet. 

It wasn’t difficult for us to locate Marites Homestay Blue Lagoon in Balaois, Pagudpud, fortunately the drivers who took us there knew their establishment.  From the van driver of Laoag to Pagudpud bound and the tricycle driver who directly brought us to Marites Homestay.

At around 2 p.m. we arrived at our destination.  While unloading from our tricycle Mrs. Marites Ubasa, the owner of the Homestay, greeted us warmly and I was surprised that she was already there anticipating our arrival.  Her crew was very quick to assist us in carrying our backpacks to lead us to our room.

Interior of the room

The room was already cold with the air conditioning unit was already turned on.  There are two large beds in the room, just perfect for the three of us.  I occupied the smaller one beside the window and the bigger one for my daughter and her friend. The room has the basic things we need for an overnight stay, a comfortable bed with pillows and blankets, comfort room with a water supply and toilet, table with chairs, roll of tissue and a soap.  The room is quite big, it could still accommodate closet cabinet or vanity cabinet for those who wanted to stay for a longer period of days.  Wi-Fi and television are available at the restaurant which is steps away from the rooms.  Absence of those two in our room is not an issue for me, it was actually good as I was able to take a nap in the afternoon and an early night’s sleep, I was able to read a few pages of the book I took with me.  And not to mention, of course, the beach is located in front, with the nice view of blue green water, vast white sand shoreline, that swimming and enjoying the cool water definitely took most of my time soaking in the water.     

Nipa Hut Design Rooms

Each room has Nipa hut style exterior design, using dried Cogon grass roofing, wooden structures and bamboo pole wall cladding.  Their restaurant and dining areas have also the same Filipino design structure which would appeal to foreigners and locals who wants a taste of provincial style abode.

Restaurant & Dining Area

Aside from offering rooms for rent, they also have a restaurant that is 24 hours open to cater to diners. They serve snacks and meals, they also offer “paluto” style food order, Ilocano dishes and other Filipino food. The owners are genuine Ilocanos so you will be assured that you can taste in their restaurant an authentic Ilocano dish like Dinengdeng, Pakbet, Poqui Poqui, Dinakdakan, to name a few.   

Other Services offered by Marites Homestay & Restaurant

They have a mini store at the entrance of the restaurant, souvenir shop at the parking area and they are the first to offer in Pagudpud the 4 x 4 ride, a mountain trail seaside adventure. Cottage rental near the beach.


For Reservation and Pricing inquiry:

You can check them out at their Facebook fan page -

Contact Person – Walter Ubasa – Marketing Manager 0909 950 4417


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