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June 16, 2016

Food Review: Marites Homestay and Restaurant in Pagudpud

Where to eat in Pagudpud?  

A budget friendly restaurant in Pagudpud that serves authentic Ilocano food and other Filipino dishes.

Nipa Hut design Restaurant at Blue Lagoon Pagudpud
Marites Homestay and Restaurant

What better way to experience a local destination is also to experience the taste of its authentic local dishes.  We were fortunate enough when we stayed in Marites Homestay because we didn’t have to worry about where to eat and what to eat, as Marites Homestay and Restaurant serve a variety of dish offerings on their menu.

From the time we checked-in until our checkout, we were served grandly with their kind service and generous servings of food, that each platter of food could serve up to three persons for a budget friendly cost.

Pancit Canton at Marites Homestay and Restaurant in PagudpudPancit Bihon Guisado at Marites Homestay and Restaurant in Pagudpud


Our first taste of their menu was when we were served with a heavy snack, Pancit canton for me and my daughter’s friend and Pancit bihon for my daughter.  Although I was not that hungry, I managed to finish eating the serving on my plate because I love the taste, it has the taste of Pinoy Pancit Canton that I like, the tasty soy sauce that lingers on my taste buds and the variety of vegetables mixed with the noodles. 

Complete meal menu - Sinigang na Isda, Garlic Shrimp, Fried Pork, Pinakbet, Inihaw na Pusit and Rice

With dim light and cool fresh air in the dining area, our dinner was served hot, fresh from the cooking area as I can see smoke coming from the food even when the light is dim.  We were served with a plate of mountain full of rice, Sinigang na Isda, Inihaw na Pusit, Buttered shrimp, Chopped Fried Pork, Pinakbet and fresh Water Melon for dessert.

Sinigang na isda menu at Marites Homestay and Restaurant in Pagudpud
Sinigang na Isda

The fish kinda look new to me which they call in Ilocano Tirtir, the fish meat is white and soft.  Instead of Sampaloc which we are used to sour our Sinigang, they use Calamansi.

Inihaw na Pusit menu at Marites Homestay and Restaurant in Pagudpud
Inihaw na Pusit
The squid is perfectly grilled with its meat soft and chewy inside.
Buttered Shrimp menu at Marites Homestay and Restaurant in Pagudpud
Buttered Shrimp
We three say in unison that this was our favorite menu in our dinner.  The sweet and spicy taste is oh so delectable to the taste, we didn’t leave any single shrimp uneaten on our platter, except of course its shells. 

Fried Pork menu at Marites Homestay and Restaurant in Pagudpud
Fried Pork
The breading is thin and crispy and the taste is good enough, there’s no need to dip in the catsup to taste, but the fatty portion is bigger than the lean meat that’s why we consumed half of the serving.

Pinakbet menu at Marites Homestay and Restaurant in Pagudpud
If you haven’t tried Ilocano Pakbet, this is it, this is the authentic Ilocano Pakbet with sautéed eggplant, okra, bitter gourd, tomatoes and fermented fish or anchovy sauce that brings out the salty taste.
Breakfast meal - Longsilog at Marites Homestay and Restaurant in Pagudpud

The next morning we were served with a healthy Pinoy breakfast, a platter with complete meal, rice, longanisa, steamed vegetable, fresh vegetable and Sukang Iloco with fresh garlic for dipping. What I like about their longanisa is it’s salty and spicy taste which really match the tangy flavor of Sukang Iloco.

Inihaw na isda, Dinengdeng and Sisig meal at Marites Homestay and Restaurant in Pagudpud

It was our farewell meal in Pagudpud and we really ensured that we will gonna eat plenty to endure the long travel back to Manila. We had Inihaw na Isda, again I’m not familiar with this fish which they call Sungayan.  To complement this dry dish, we had Dinengdeng, it also has fermented fish sauce as base just like Pakbet, but the vegetables in this dish are different.  It can be mixed with camote and malungay vegetables. Our bonus meal is the Pork Sisig, served hot on the metal plate with fresh egg on top.

Those are some of Ilocano dishes Marites Homestay & Restaurant offers they also have Poqui Poqui, Dinakdakan to name a few.  If you are in Pagudpud for a beach getaway, do visit them in Blue Lagoon, Pagudpud and try one of their Ilocano dishes.

You can check out their facebook page for more information on their newest menu. 
For room reservation you may contact Mr. Walter Ubasa – Marketing Manager at 0909 950 4417

Marites Homestay and Restaurant
Blue Lagoon, Balaoi, Pagudpud, Ilocos Norte

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