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June 24, 2016

Look! Space Wars inspired suite room at Victoria Court Hotel

Victoria Court signage
Victoria Court signage

It was an epic experience during the launching of Victoria Court’s Space Wars thematic suite room at their branch in Canley Street, Pasig City last June 9, 2016.  A party celebration has been held for selected guests and celebrities who attended this event with a sci-fi experience of their newest room.

The room was upstairs the garage, and I was surprised when a Stormtrooper armed with his blaster greeted us at the entry way of the automatic blast door.    
I was totally in amazement with delight when I saw the full view of the room at the doorway, it seems I was transported in Space Wars galaxy, everything from ceiling, walls and flooring are intergalactic in design.  It was even more surrealistic when I keep hearing that Tan tan tan tan tan sound ...  the theme song of Star Wars .. with matching smoke coming from somewhere. 

What’s inside Space Wars Suite Room?

VC Space Wars intergalactic view at glass windows

Windows with a space view 

Look at that! It seems you're out of this world with those sparkling stars and galaxies at those windows.  I can't help imagining things seeing objects from the galaxy.

VC Space Wars suite room Infinity floor made of glass

Infinity Floor

A custom designed infinity floor to relive epic laser sword battles and for taking amazing photos and videos.  It is made of glass and I felt a little bit dizzy looking on the floor because it seems I will get drown in the abyss, you see I only put one foot on that floor to take photo of the infinity floor.

Jacuzzi inside Space Wars theme room of Victoria Court

A big whirpool

This is their jacuzzi, located just beside the bedroom.

Exterior of Interactive cockpit inside Space Wars theme room at Victoria Court

Interior of Interactive cockpit of Space Wars theme room at Victoria Court

Interactive Spaceship Cockpit

This area is the best part of the room that I like best, because for the first time I was able to fly a spaceship in my imagination.  I really got carried away with the whole theme inside the room.  This cockpit is moving using those controls on the dashboard, with light switches and has sound effects as well.

Bedroom with galaxy views at Space Wars theme room at Victoria Court

Bedroom with galaxy views

The bed is so comfortable and so inviting to lie down and relax while gazing on the stars.  The bedroom was cold and dim, has wall hung TV and toilet. 

Wardrobe and weapons at Space Wars theme room of Victoria Court

Costumes and gadgets

There are readily available costume like that brown robe, Darth Vader mask and several weapons displayed on the wall and the laser sword for a complete sci-fi experience.

Different Space Wars inspired food menu at Victoria Court

Space Wars Food Menu

My amazement with Space Wars inside the room hasn't stop there, they also offered us guests with their Space Wars inspired menu options creatively prepared by their chefs such as the Dark Side Burger, Imperial Pasta, Trooper Onigiri, Space Wars Wrap, Panatrooper, and cocktails called Jar Jar Drinks.

The whole experience during Victoria Court Hotel Space Wars launching was truly unique and amazing, truly an out of this world experience!

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