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October 1, 2016

8 Things To Do In Singapore After Sundown

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Singapore has a lot of night adventures. You will not miss something interesting to occupy you during Singapore nights. It will depend on your own preferences. You can go out and watch nocturnal animals or get busy in various Singapore night clubs. There are also night shopping centers where you can dash and buy products which you may have forgotten to buy during the day.

Take a look at our list below and pick your adventures.

1. Gardens by the Bay

They consist of the largest reclaimed pieces of land in Singapore. There are many free zones where you can go and enjoy seeing different areas of the gardens free of charge. It is located adjacent to Marina Bay Sands. This makes the area among the best areas where you can go and enjoy nightlife in Singapore.

2. Marina Bay Sands show

At marina bay sands you will have an opportunity to watch music performance and favorite singers in Singapore. Shows in marina bay area offered free of charge. They start from 8pm and 9.30pm during Friday and Saturday nights. The water shows in the bay will offer you an opportunity to see spectacular fountains, and scenes of ethereal images. At the bay you can spend several hours enjoying the shows.

3. MovieMob

If you are among those who love watching movies, then you can have a spectacular movie night at the MovieMob. You will experience the best old-school outdoor movie experience at the movie point. There are screens in different places for you to have wide selection of movies. The movies displayed in different joints are suitable for family members as well as lovers. It will be upon you to choose a joint where you will have a suitable movie for your loved ones.

4. Walk the Southern Ridges

The southern park offer perfect blend of fine art and beauty. The southern ridges will offer great experience. You can find a place and enjoy al fresco or just organize a picnic with your lover. Some remarkable places you can visit at the ridges include Alexandra arch and Henderson waves.

5. 56th level of ION Orchard

You will be amazed after you visit the 56th floor of ION orchard. There are no charges and you will have the best opportunity to view the island. The orchard is open daily from 10am to 8pm. It is easy to access the orchard. Just go to the 4th floor from where you will have an elevator which will take you to the orchard.

6. Night Safari

Night safari in Singapore is among top attractions for lovers and family members who retreat to Singapore during their vacation periods. The night safari in Singapore is the only wild park built specifically for night visits in the world. You will be amazed to see wild animals in their night life. There are several thrilling experiences you will enjoy in the Singapore night safari visit.

7. MAAD Flea

MAAD means Market of Artist and Designers. It is the largest recurring creative market place. The main agenda of the market is to promote creativity of designers in Singapore. You can get involved in the local scene of Singapore after you decide to go for the market place. You can easily market your talent at the scene if you consider yourself talented in a given field.

8. Esplanade free concerts

If you love concerts, you will really enjoy after you decide to visit esplanade. You will find the concerts held in outdoor spaces or indoors concert areas. You can as well visit esplanade free concerts scenes for you to take panoramic photos of the skyline. You will take selfies and remember your adventure for many years to come.

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