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October 9, 2016

Mumbai for Moms - The best bits for you and the kids

There are some very exotic locations around the world. And more and more Moms are realizing the value of visiting them with their kids. The educational value is enormous. Traveling gives you fantastic opportunities to make those once in a lifetime memories really stand out. If India is on your list of must-see destinations, then don’t miss the chance to check out the incredible city of Mumbai.

The city formerly known as Bombay has featured on a lot of bucket lists of travel destinations over the years. These days, there is much to see and do that will suit both single travelers and family groups. As the center of the Bollywood film industry, you might even be able to mingle with famous film stars and producers. There’s a chance you might even see a film being made.

Accommodation is available throughout the city up to five stars. You can find something to suit every budget. There are some beautiful buildings to see and explore too. The Gateway of India is here. This incredible stone arch was built in the 1920s by the British Raj and represents an interesting time in India’s history.

Of course, many people come to India to see the magnificent Hindu temples. Just offshore, Elephanta Island is home to the beautiful cave temples. This makes the area such a popular tourist attraction. Dedicated to the Hindu god Shiva, they make the ideal place to learn more about this side of India. Take the time to explore some of the statues and temples around the city too. While Mumbai is one of the most multicultural cities in the region, you will find that religion still dominates many areas.

There are beaches in Mumbai. It’s worth checking out the forums and websites. They can be hit and miss regarding cleanliness at certain times of the year. However, there are still plenty of coastal areas that you can enjoy a walk with the family. And if you love beaches, there are some other highly regarded ones beyond the city. And some of the gardens and parks around the city are wonderful for a little rest and relaxation.

The Sanjay Gandhi National Park is perhaps the most extraordinary in the area. There is a big cat safari here for your children to get wild. This is a vast park, and there is a cave system within it that you can explore with or without a guide at certain times of the year. But for lots of fun in the heat, you might be keen to head to EsselWorld. This is a big water park with plenty of things to do with the whole family.

Of course, one of the best things about travel overseas is sampling different foods. The traditional dishes of this region are full of fascinating flavors from blended spices. Many of the foods you can sample here are vegetarian-friendly. Fisherman work locally, so you might be able to enjoy some fresh seafood dishes as well. Mussels are particularly popular.

India is a beautiful place with beautiful people. And it is also a good place to visit for a family vacation. Enjoy.

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