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February 11, 2017

Top 5 things to do in and around Moalboal Cebu


1. Canyoning at Alegria - the canyoning experience starting in Alegria and finishing in Badian after passing through the famous Kawasan waterfalls is becoming world famous after several recent high profile tv documentaries beamed to audiences worldwide. Conquer a fear of heights jumping from heights of up to 23m into crystal clear water and continue your journey on floating down the Kanalob river.

2. Oslob Whaleshark interaction - the whaleshark viewing place in Oslob on the Southern tip of Cebu is becoming renowned for the guaranteed opportunity to swim with several Whalesharks at once. Surrounded in controversy due to the constant feeding of a diet of usually small shrimp to entice the animals to return day after day. Recently the Miss Universe contestants were filmed swimming with the Whalesharks, as polarizing as it is to peoples opinions it is one of the few sites in the world where swimming with these magnificent animals is all but guaranteed.

3. Sardine Run - either diving or snorkelling, the sardine school based permanently in Moalboal really put the town on the map, the size of the scool numbering in the millions is one of the few places in the world where such a spectacle can be enjoyed and probably the only site in the world where the Sardines are in residence 365 days a year. The school starts as shallow as 1m going down to depths of 30m plus making it suitable for both Scuba Divers and Snorkellers alike.

4. Pescador Island - Situated in the Tanon straight, Pescador Island offer two fantastic dive sites, the Cathedral Cave a vertical swim through chimney starting at 30m and ending at 21m, this dive site is surrounded by overhanging rock formations where large pelagic fish like to hang out. The opposite side of this small rocky island offers a sloping wall down to 30m, covered in a plethora of hard and soft corals with an abundance of giant frogfish hiding out amongst the sponges. Pescador is also great for island hoppers and snorkeller alike.

5. Swim with Turtles - all along the reef an abundance of Green and Hawksbill Sea Turtles can be found, recent environmental laws with hefty fines for anyone caught catching a sea turtle have helped the population recover. It is possible to see up to 15 turtles on a single snorkelling excursion.

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